MAZE Tassel Flogger Review

Amidst a line of beautiful lingerie and sexy accessories, Bijoux Indiscrets has a few delightful kink implements. Their MAZE line includes a Tassel Flogger made of vegan leather, which I’m pleased to review for this post.

First Impressions

The Tassel Flogger comes in a black box with the “MAZE” line inscribed on the top in gold. It’s a really beautiful box with a pattern of inset lines.

Maze tassel flogger box

The flogger itself has a looped handle and a gold buckle/accents.

Maze tassel flogger

Here are a few detail shots of the handle and falls (the stringy whippy bits).

The falls are thin and fairly stiff, although I imagine they’d soften up over time.

In Use

The Tassel Flogger is not a very large flogger, and the falls are very thin, which means it stings quite a bit! Smaller floggers, ironically, often have more “bite” than large floggers because of those thin falls. Being hit with the Tassel Flogger is no joke! It stings.

The Tassel Flogger is very lightweight and easy to throw (use). The handle is a strap that loops around rather than a solid post. I found it most comfortable to hold toward the looped end, with my fingers through the loop holding the top half of the handle. Because the handle is flexible, the entire length of the flogger bends when you use it, not just the falls, giving some momentum to the swing.

The Tassel Flogger is deceptively fierce, so it’s ideal for a brief stint of impact play or in conjunction with other impact toys. I don’t think I’d enjoy an entire session with this one toy: it’s too whippy for me! If you like that sharp discomfort, or you like wielding it, then the Tassel Flogger is a great toy for your toybox.

Final Thoughts

The MAZE Tassel Flogger from Bijoux Indiscrets is elegant, lightweight, and bitey. It looks mild and feels otherwise! This is a fun complement to any collection of impact play implements, or a first step for someone who wants to see what it might be like on the giving or receiving end of this kind of play. Keep it consensual, folks, and have a great time!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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