Lelo Soraya Beads Review: Expanding Boundaries

Hi folks! I’m on the blog today reviewing the Lelo Soraya Beads, an anal beads massager. I’m getting tripped up as to whether this is a singular or plural noun. Like, why is it a pair of underwear, but only one bra?? I think it’s both. These are the Lelo Soraya Beads, and they are a massager. This is making my brain hurt. But regardless of grammar, if you want to expand some boundaries with anal beads, read on!

First Impressions

Lelo’s packaging is always gorgeous. The Soraya Beads come in a black box with a clear plastic front. Like all Lelo products, this makes them hard to photograph without getting a big reflective blob. You can accomplish it with an artsy angle.

Soraya beads in box

Open up the box, and you’ll find the Soraya Beads, a charger, instructions, lube, and a storage bag. The charger isn’t pictured below because somehow I forgot to put it in frame. But it’s a charger. It’s black. It’s not super interesting.

Soraya beads with accessories

Here is the Soraya Beads Massager from a number of angles to show size and shape.

The Soraya Beads are controlled by three buttons at the base. The middle one cycles through patterns, and the + and – control intensity.

Let’s talk function.

In Use

As you probably noticed from the pictures above, the Soraya Beads Massager has four “beads” of increasing size, starting from small and building to large(r). You don’t have to insert all four beads to enjoy the sensations. That’s great, since the largest bead is probably going to be challenging for people who don’t do a lot of anal play. I stuck with just three beads, since the fourth remains beyond my comfort level.

The Soraya Beads are covered in silicone, so they work best with water-based lube and should not be used with silicone lube. Follow best practices for anal play: go slow, stop if uncomfortable, and listen to your body. You can’t go wrong with more lube. (Put a towel down.)

Lelo’s key advertising point with their Soraya Beads is the Bow-Motion technology. Inspired by the movements of violin players, Bow-Motion technology causes the beads to vibrate in harmony to create a thrusting sensation. (No one is making claims about the anal habits of violin players, but I’m curious now, tbh.) I had a good time cycling through the different patterns and movements of the toy. Some felt much more superficial and shallow, and others felt more intense and deeper. There was definitely a movement of the vibration pattern, but I am not sure if I noticed any kind of thrusting sensation. I imagine your mileage may vary with that. That also might have been because I wasn’t using all four beads internally.

The toy was quite fun to play with, whether alone or in conjunction with other toys. The vibrations were strong and varied between rumbly and buzzy, but were always noticeable. I found it thoughtfully-designed, with a large base that was easy to grasp. I had a delightful time testing this.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos to a clever, intricate vibration pattern. Bow-Motion technology emulates movement, and while I may not have been able to notice details, I was into the experience.

Additional kudos for the quality of the craftsmanship. Lelo products are built to last, with excellent design and strong motors.

Kudos for a large base with a loop in it, common to many Lelo toys. This made the Soraya Beads easy to grasp and move.

Even more kudos for waterproofing. Take them in the tub, but be mindful that you will still need some good lube.

Caveat: the size of this toy puts it out of reach for many beginners. Obviously you don’t have to insert all four beads, but for the price point, people aren’t going to gravitate toward this product as a starter anal toy. This is for people who know their way around a bum.

Another caveat: the Soraya Beads are an expensive product, retailing at over $200. Discounts right now will bring it down to $184, but still, that’s not an impulse purchase for most of my readers. Lelo products are an investment, and they don’t pretend to be otherwise.

Finishing with kudos: the branding is all about the gender-neutral possibilities of anal beads, which I appreciate. Everybody’s got a bum!

Final Thoughts

Everybody’s got a bum, but the Soraya Beads are not for everyone. With their high price point and overall size, they’re designed for more experienced anal aficionados who don’t mind investing in a high quality toy. I felt lucky to try these and impressed with their workmanship. This product is going to make a subset of my readers very, very happy. If it’s you, go ahead and pick up a set of the Lelo Soraya Beads!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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