The Fifth Day of Dicksmas: Désirables Dalia Review

On the Fifth Day of Dicksmas, Luvoqa sent my way…a porcelain dildo for some play! This Désirables Dalia review is a first for the blog: a dildo made of porcelain instead of silicone, steel, glass, plastic, or anything else. The Dalia is a gorgeous toy that’s more art than toy, but it’s still built with intentional design and successful at doing what matters: getting me off. 

Background Info

Luvoqa is working with reviewers like me to promote smaller, independent toy manufacturers by getting these folks more reviews. It’s a great move that helps bring attention to toy companies who don’t have the advertising capital of larger companies, smaller businesses that might otherwise slip through the cracks. When Luvoqa wrote us and shared the opportunity for a handful of us to try the Dalia, I leapt at the chance. A porcelain dildo? Sign me up. I’m always into new body-safe materials.

Désirables is a Canadian design firm based in Montreal. They prioritize ethics, responsibility, and hygiene in their products, emphasizing respect for their consumers and competitors. They use local businesses and craftspeople when creating their products as well. In short, they’re exactly the type of business I want to work with, and I’m so excited to be reviewing the Dalia for them.

Out of the Box

I was really excited when the Dalia came in the mail, complete with its customs notification from Canada. Whoo! International dick! 

The packaging is simple and elegant: a white box with a maroon sleeve depicting product information.

Once I slid the sleeve off and opened the box, I was pleased to see that my dildo had a certificate of authenticity. What? Really? This is another first for me.

Dalia certificate of authenticity

The Dalia comes with a maroon storage bag and a very cool informational booklet about how one might choose to use their product.

With the Dalia lying there, it’s easy to see what an elegant toy this is. It just looks classy. Something about the smooth bone-white surface on the maroon satin appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities like whoa.

In hand, the Dalia is not a very large dildo. It’s small to medium in size, with one larger end, and a moderate curve. Here are some pics of it from each side.

In the sequence below, the first pic is the wider bottom of the toy with thumb for scale. The second pic is my thumb against the top of toy. Last is a pic of the wider part looking end-on, so you can see girthiness.

Wider end close up

The pic above shows the wide end of the Dalia, so you can see it more clearly. This is the business end, as it were.

The literature accompanying the Dalia talks about all kinds of ways you might use it. There’s also info about warming up for self-pleasure, having fantasies, the benefits of masturbation, etc. Also included is info on the medical benefits of doing kegels and how one does them. The booklet also discusses the Dalia as a couples toy to enhance partner intimacy. As a bonus, you also get full diagrams of the clitoris and all its internal portions. I’ve never seen this in a sex toy info booklet before!

Clitoris diagrams from the book

That’s some pretty sex-positive stuff right there, Désirables. Thumbs up.

Into My Box

I was eager to try the Dalia, and got a chance to try it a whole lot in the last few weeks. It’s really a well-designed toy in many ways.

I worked exclusively with the thicker bottom bulb of the Dalia. The top part is way more of a handle to me, although one could definitely use that end if so inclined. The Dalia isn’t the widest dildo I have by any means, but it’s got enough width in that bottom bulb to feel noticeable around the entrance to my vagina, the part most sensitive to width. 

Porcelain is a really nice texture for a toy. It’s smooth and cold at first, like steel or glass, but with a gentler, almost delicate feel. The toy itself is decently solid rather than fragile, but the actual surface texture of the porcelain reminds me of more fragile objects. I quite like it. Although the Dalia starts cold, it warms up fast, and you can do temperature play with the Dalia by placing it in warm or cold water before use. 

The curve of the Dalia is designed to press against the g-spot, and it succeeds admirably. This puts the Dalia a bit more than halfway in my vagina, and at that distance, the curve of the toy lets me tap the tip of the handle against my clit. I tried rocking techniques with the Dalia, sliding the handle over my clit, but it wasn’t the right amount of friction with the smoothness of the porcelain. Instead, my favorite way to get off with just the Dalia was “knocking” the handle against my clit, which also knocks the wide bulb against my g-spot. It’s pretty great like that.

I like to use toys for full insertion, too, and often aim for a-spot stimulation instead of g-spot stimulation. The a-spot is a spot deep in the vagina at the anterior fornix, behind the cervix. It’s pleasurable for me and many women. I can hit this spot with the Dalia, but at that point, almost the entire handle is in my vagina. Only a bit protrudes, which isn’t enough to get a firm grip. I found myself “tapping” the tip of the handle to press into my a-spot, and when combined with manual clit stim, this was very successful. 

The shorter handle of the Dalia made me get a bit creative with how I used it, because there wasn’t a lot to grab when I inserted it deeply. I already mentioned my “tapping” technique. I was also successful holding it gently between my middle and ring finger while using my index finger on my clit. Held like this, I let the movement of my hand jiggle the toy. It was a fun product to experiment with.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers to a gorgeous porcelain dildo. It’s seriously a work of art. You could leave it on your coffee table, it’s so pretty. With this level of quality and craftsmanship, it would also make a great gift for someone you really like.

Caveat: This toy is not anal-safe. Don’t stick it in your bum. There’s no flared base!

Cheers for a company that prioritizes ethics and responsibility in manufacturing. Désirables is the kind of business I love to work with.

Cheers for a versatile dildo that isn’t too big but is nonetheless effective. The ends are different widths and that curve is very nice.

Cheers for excellent g-spot stimulation. If you’re using it for your g-spot, you’re going to have plenty of handle to grab onto.

Caveat: it’s not a very long toy. If you like deep stimulation and you’ve got a deep vagina, this toy might not work for you.

Caveat: The Dalia gets slippery when wet, and it’s gonna get wet. Don’t use it when standing over a tile floor or you might drop and crack it.

Cheers for a lovely storage bag and elegant packaging.

Cheers for an informational booklet that actually gives you information about the vagina-owning body. 

Caveat: it’s packaged as an “explorer for ladies,” but not all ladies have vaginas, and not all people with vaginas are ladies. I know “an explorer for people with vaginas,” or “a g-spot explorer” isn’t as pretty-sounding, but it’s 2018. Sex toy companies can work a little harder to be gender-inclusive, especially with such a great toy that isn’t otherwise female-coded in any way. 

Final Thoughts

I love the Dalia. It’s elegant, simple, well-designed, beautifully crafted, and manufactured by a thoughtful small company. It’s also not cheap, but if you’re able to splurge, I think it’s worth the investment. This isn’t just a dildo, but it’s a work of art. More importantly than aesthetics, though, it’s a darn effective g-spot toy. My orgasms are the best endorsement of a toy, and I’ve had my fair share in these last few weeks. It’s the Fifth Day of Dicksmas: consider a Désirables Dalia and get some holiday spirit into your bed.

Luvoqa provided the Désirables Dalia in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying things through those links benefits this blog.

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