Come and Play Episode 38: The Halloween Spooktacular

Episode 38 is our Halloween episode! We discuss our histories with this favorite holiday and trick-or-treat adventures along with spooky and spooky-adjacent films. We digress into conversations about movie soundtracks and how Bonnie Tyler goes so hard it’s amazing. To stay on brand, we head back to talking about all kinds of fancy dildos beyond the world of silicone. Finally, it’s time to talk about fanfiction and our own love of this oft-maligned genre. It’s a wild ride this week! Thanks for hopping aboard.

Show Notes

Trick or Treating

Story behind those terrible orange and black peanut butter kisses

The Teal Pumpkin Project for food allergies and sensitivities

My son shouldn’t have to carry a blue pumpkin (Washington Post article that agrees with us)

The Oatmeal’s comic about the pressure to speed through airport security

Father kills child with poisoned candy (warning — this is a dark read)

Halloween and Halloween-Adjacent Movies

Sandra Bullock lighting a candle in Practical Magic
Sandra Bullock looking gorgeous in Practical Magic (credit

Experience the terrifying Universal Studios King Kong ride for yourself:

Sam Neill looking hot in Jurassic Park (credit stuff)

Tim Burton Content

Pervasive whiteness in Tim Burton movies (Washington Post article; it has a different title)

Goose Creek Candles

Check out some candles!

Bonnie Tyler

You must experience this video.

Holding Out For A Hero:

Soundtrack Songs

The Shrek 2 Version:

The Never-Ending Life of Smash Mouth’s “All Star” – The Ringer

How Kenny Loggins Ended Up Recording “Danger Zone” for Top Gun – UCR

In this interview, Kenny Loggins talks about choosing to submit a song for the volleyball scene – Local10

Over the Garden Wall

Chapter One Full Preview:

Watch on Hulu

Over the Garden Wall wiki

Over the Garden Wall perfectly captures the loneliness of autumn – Vox

Fancy Dildos

The Witch Dick – Norwegian Moonstone

Desirables Dalia

NobEssence Wooden Dildo

SheVibe NobEssence line (affiliate link)

nJoy Steel Dildos

Geeky Sex Toys (affiliate link)


Elia’s Ted Lasso Rope Dom fanfic series

Elia’s fanfiction bookmarks

Archive Of Our Own

The Citrus Scale

Description of the citrus scale. Info is on link.
courtesy of

Cadignan on AO3

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