Kistoy Cathy Review: Sexmas Day Nine

I’m thrilled to be dropping a boatload of reviews on you all this holiday season, which brings us to Sexmas Day Nine and the Kistoy Cathy review. This toy has an odd name and a truckload of functionality, making it a wild, versatile toy for any enthusiast’s toybox. It may share a name with my aunt, but there’s nothing family-friendly about this Cathy. It’s a wild ride with double stimulation and double fun.

First Impressions

The Kistoy Cathy is branded with a red box depicting a flirtatious illustrated woman who looks right out of a 1970s advertisement…and an illustration of the sex toy getting her all hot and bothered.

Kistoy cathy box

Slide the outer box off the package and lift off the paper to reveal Cathy in all her glory:

Cathy in package

Cathy is a toy with an insertable ribbed dildo and a clit sucker, connected together by a medium-length tube.

In the package, you get the Cathy along with instructions, a charging cable, and a silver satin storage bag that’s somehow big enough to hold it all.

Cathy with accessories

Here it is stretched out on my table to give you an idea of the tube length.

Cathy stretched on table

Now, a closer look at each part. First, the clit sucker end.

This clit sucker end has two buttons that look like little clear gems. The top button controls the clit sucker end, and the bottom button controls the dildo/thrusting end. The clit sucker has a small nozzle to stimulate the clitoris (or nipples, I suppose, if you can make it reach that far).

The other end is the dildo end, which is actually a magnetic-powered thruster.

Obviously there’s a lot happening here, so let’s get right to it.

In Use

Cathy is designed to be used for two types of stimulation at once. One end is for clit sucking and the other end thrusts. By connecting these two ends with a hose, rather than attaching them physically together, this device is usable by people with a wide range of anatomies. You can also use it with two different people at the same time.

I want to talk about the thruster first. The thruster uses magnets inside to jostle back and forth, rather than vibrating. It actually feels like it’s thrusting, much like a Fun Factory pulsator. The controls are all on the clit stimulator end, and you can control the speed of the thrusting and also engage a few patterns, too.

The clit sucker end has a fairly small nozzle, and it’s inset rather than raised, so there’s a bit of fiddling required to get it into place. The issue with a flat-topped, broad clit sucker is that prominent labia will want to push the device down and out of the way. We don’t want that. I found I was easily able to keep the clit sucker where I wanted it by holding it with my hand or closing my legs partially around it. The clit sucker has multiple intensities, but even on the lowest intensity it was quite strong.

This toy was a powerhouse that got me off in no time at all. Like LIGHTNING. The dual stimulation, clit stimulation in addition to thrusting, was just *chef’s kiss.* There’s nothing actually vibrating here, so there were no buzzy vibrations to be concerned with. Just a simulation of internal thrusting combined with strong (almost too strong) clit sucking. I was gone, team. Absolutely gone.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for two types of amazing stimulation at once. You can use each part of the toy independently if you don’t want to use both, but they’re right there waiting if you change your mind.

Kudos for a thrusting toy that thrusts! I had previously only seen this level of excellent thrusting sensation from Fun Factory. I’m thrilled to see other companies hopping aboard.

Even more kudos for waterproofing. Seems ridiculous that you can take this toy in the bath or shower with you, but apparently you can, and that’s stellar.

Kudos for the ridiculous hose between the two attachments to make it easily usable by different types of bodies. Caveat, though, that the hose does flop around a bit and can get in the way during use.

Caveat: the suction nozzle on the clit sucker is small, so if you have a larger sized clit, you might not get the type of stimulation you’re looking for.

A kudo or a caveat: the lowest suction setting is quite strong, so if you need a more delicate touch, this isn’t that delicate.

Another mixed kudo/caveat: I think this price is a great deal at $79.99, but that’s not entry-level price for a lot of people, so cost may be prohibitive.

Final Thoughts

The Kistoy Cathy has a weird name, and it’s a weird toy, but I love it. I love the dual stimulation and the thrusting action. I love that I’m not dealing with a buzzy vibrator. This is an excellent addition to my toy box, and it would be an excellent addition to yours as well!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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