Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Review: Masturbation Month Day Five

I haven’t written a review for a Hot Octopuss product in a while, so I’m really happy to be on the blog today with their latest product! Hot Octopuss is a company I enthusiastically support, as they’re always working to build accessibility into their sex toys.

The Pulse Queen is a wand with oscillating technology. It seems a bit like a vibrator, but it’s not quite a vibrator, and the differences create a delightful toy unique in our ever-growing landscape of sex toys.

First Impressions

The Pulse Queen comes in a simple black box with an image of the toy and company branding.

Pulse Queen box

Inside the box, you get the Pulse Queen and some other necessary accessories.

Pulse Queen with accessories

Here’s the Pulse Queen above with its storage bag, charging cable, and instructions.

Now, let’s take a look at the toy itself from some different angles.

The Pulse Queen is controlled by three buttons. The center round button turns the toy on/off and cycles through patterns, and the plus and minus control the intensity.

The business part of the toy is that pulse plate at the head, which is shaped with a rounded ridge in the center. That’s where the magic happens, folks.

So let’s talk about that magic.

In Use

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen doesn’t vibrate in the traditional sense of a vibrator. Instead, the pulse plate pulsates back and forth, creating an oscillation. The oscillating sensation penetrates deeper than vibration and transmits through the body.

And it works super well!

I reviewed an earlier version of this toy years ago. The Queen Bee (now defunct) also had PulsePlate Technology, but that toy had a very broad, flat surface, and it wasn’t right for the kind of stimulation I enjoyed. The Pulse Queen, though, has evolved, and in evolving, fixed that issue. The raised ridge is perfect for delivering direct stimulation to the clitoris or other sensitive areas. I also found the toy small and light, easy to use, much more like a small handheld vibe than a full wand. This is a plus, as it was easy to use and maneuver.

I also noticed that I was able to turn this up a few notches to get a sensation I enjoy. This is actually a huge plus, because it means the Pulse Queen has some very low-intensity settings. I often find the lowest settings on some vibes to be overpowering, but the Pulse Queen goes very low at the bottom end (heh) so it’s not overwhelming. On the other end, though, you can turn it way up and get some seriously epic power.

I loved the Pulse Queen, and I had no trouble getting off with it. Because of the nature of the oscillations, I could hold it lightly or firmly against myself and get different kinds of sensations. All of those sensations were just delightful.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for improving on an old design. Folks might not remember the original Queen Bee, but I do, and I always thought it could be better. Now, it’s better! And I love that!

Kudos for the raised ridge that delivers specific, wonderful oscillations right where I want them.

Kudos for buttons that are large and easy to find and use.

More kudos for being a fairly quiet toy. Not silent, but quieter than many wands.

While I’m doling out kudos, I need to mention that the Pulse Queen is waterproof! Enjoy it in the bath or shower, and cleaning is a snap.

I’m full of kudos today for this product. Kudos for having a really wide range of power settings so everyone can find something they’re into.

Caveat: the battery life isn’t stellar. At a full charge, the toy runs for 40 minutes, which means you might be charging it every other use or even more frequently.

Mixed bag is the price. At $100, it’s not a cheap toy, but it’s far less expensive than similar products.

Final Thoughts

I love the Pulse Queen from Hot Octopuss. It’s well-designed and incredibly effective, and it’s from a company working toward accessibility in the sex toy industry. I think this toy will be a huge hit, and I recommend it! What a great way to celebrate the last days of National Masturbation Month?

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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