Rose Pro 3 Tongue Vibrator Review: Summer Sensations 1

National Masturbation Month may be over, but now it’s June, and June means Pride Month! It’s unofficially summer — spiritually summer, if you will — so I’m moving into a new themed seasonal review collection: Summer Sensations. The weather’s hot and the toys are hotter. For my first post of June, I’m reviewing the Rose Pro 3, also known as the Dual Rose Tongue Vibrator on Inyarose, who graciously provided this toy for my review. The Rose Pro 3 has two functions, and much like the Sucking Mushroom I reviewed, I found one pretty lackluster and the other delightful. Let’s dive in.

First Impressions

The Rose Pro 3 comes in a simple white box with an image of the toy.

Rose Pro 3 box

Like all S-Hande branded products, it includes the phrase “Give you sexy hands.” This is a phrase I’ve commented on before and which may be inscribed on my personal gateway to hell.

Pop open the box and here’s what you get.

Rose pro 3 with bag and charging cable

In addition to the toy, the Rose Pro 3 comes with a black storage bag, charging cable, and some basic instructions.

Here’s the Rose Pro 3 from some various angles.

The Rose Pro 3 has a protruding tongue for licking-style back-and-forth stimulation, and a rounded bottom nub for insertion or external vibration. Each function is controlled by one of two buttons. It charges via magnetic induction charging.

It’s a cute, if somewhat disturbing-looking little toy, so let’s talk functionality.

In Use

As I initially suspected, the rounded nub wasn’t good for much. The vibrator is really buzzy, and the nub is fairly small. It can provide some surface-level clitoral vibrations or vibrations just to the entrance of the vagina, but it’s not big enough to be very useful in that regard. I wouldn’t invest in this hoping for some g-spot vibrations.

But the tongue? The tongue is excellent. I’m a fan of physical stimulation over vibration, so I’ll automatically prefer anything that manually moves back and forth over something that just vibrates. So the tongue was perfect for me. It took a little while for me to find the exact right distance away to position it. Because the tongue protrudes past the petals, pressing the whole rose flush wasn’t a good plan. Once it was positioned ideally, though, I found the stimulation absolutely delightful.

That nub that proved fairly useless as a vibrator was a great handle. I experimented with speeds and patterns of the licking motion and enjoyed the available variations. And I had no trouble at all getting off.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for having an excellent licking function. For people like me who enjoy physical pressure as opposed to just vibration, this is ideal.

Caveat: try not to think too much about the way that weird tongue looks.

Kudos for waterproofing. The Rose Pro 3 can be used in the bath or shower, and the waterproofing also means it’s easy to clean.

Caveat: the tongue action may be stellar, but the vibrator nub is not doing much besides taking up space. It’s certainly not a g-spot vibrator.

Kudos for the overall rose aesthetic (minus the tongue). I know rose toys are everywhere, but I think they’re pretty cute.

Kudos for giving a storage bag. Always give a storage bag, people!! It should be required.

Additional kudos for having variable speeds and patterns for the vibrator and the tongue. It’s nice to have options.

A mixed bag for the price point. At $49.99, it’s not particularly expensive in the realm of sex toys. But it’s also not super cheap. Inyarose is giving Pride Month discounts if you buy multiple toys, though, so this would be an excellent product to package with one of their other products, like the cute Space Cloud or Sucking Mushroom.

Final Thoughts

I may not love the vibrator on the Rose Pro 3, but I love that hideous tongue and it’s fabulous licking action. If you enjoy this type of stimulation, you’ll love this product. So sail into this hot summer with a new toy!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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