Magical Wizard Pipe: Angel’s Wings Review

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My Angel’s Wings review celebrates a toy that is a surprise hit of early 2021. This strangely-named toy combines pressure wave clitoral stimulation with vibration and what I can only describe as a g-spot jackhammer, and it’s a quick trip to orgasm city, my friends. Best of all: it looks like Gandalf’s bong. Come along on a wild ride.

Out of the Box

The Angel’s Wings vibrator comes in a simple white box with some ad copy that does not translate well.

The box is white with an image of the toy on it, and it's captioned "Angel's Wings." Below that, it says "give you sexy hands."

I immediately sent this photo to several of my friends and we all laughed about “Give you sexy hands.” But frankly, I don’t care about bad translations. I care about a quality sex toy.

Open up the box, and there’s the Angel’s Wings (Angel’s Wing?) and its charging cable.

Angel's wings in box

Once you get it out of the box, you can see everything it comes with: the toy, a charging cable, a quick start guide, and a cute thank you note for purchasing.

Angel's wings with quick start, cable, and thank you note

Here are some pics of this toy from a variety of different angles. There’s a lot going on, here.

It looks like a wizard’s pipe, right? I just expect Gandalf to light up on this bad boy any minute now. And he wouldn’t care that it’s bright pink. Gandalf doesn’t have time for your gender essentialism.

The buttons of this toy are located on the side, which you can sort of see in that middle picture. I started taking pics away from my cool binary background because my camera couldn’t make sense of the colors.

A closer look at those buttons

There’s a closer look at those buttons. I don’t think I’ve ever seen buttons on the side like that, and I wish they were on the back of the toy instead.

The base of the pipe, where Gandalf would put his Longbottom Leaf pipe-weed, is the pressure wave clit stimulator.

Pressure wave clit stimulator

It’s not a pressure wave stimulator in the way other toys are. There’s air, but that air is moving the little soft tongue thing you can see in the hole. That provides direct clitoral stimulation more than suction or air pressure.

Here’s the shaft of the Angel’s Wings.

It’s a decently girthy shaft with some ridges and an oval for focused jackhammering. The shaft itself vibrates, and there’s an additional pulsator of sorts that thumps out where that oval is, knocking against the g-spot.

It’s pretty awesome.

Into My Box

The three functions of the Angel’s Wings (clit stimulation, vibration, and g-spot tapping) are all separately controlled by the three buttons on the side of the bulb. I spent a while figuring out all these buttons before I started actually using the product, and then experimented with what works well.

I must note that the distance between the clitoral stimulator and the shaft is a fixed distance. The shaft has a tiny bit of bend in it, but you may need to maneuver some different angles to make everything line up so that the clit stimulator is actually on your clit. The description says it’s fully flexible, but I found it only mildly flexible. It worked fine for me, though, which isn’t always the case with products like this.

Even though the clit stim isn’t pressure wave, really, I liked it and it felt great. There are five different levels of suction/stimulation, from mild to intense. I love having choice.

The shaft vibrator was useless to me. It’s buzzy and only distracted me from sensations I was actually enjoying. I tried it a couple of times and then left it off. It does have 10 modes of vibration, so you might find one that works for you.

The g-spot thumper is my favorite feature of this product. That focused knocking pressed regularly and continuously against my g-spot, and I could adjust the speed and intensity with the control button (there are 5 options). Between that and the clit stim, I was flying high in no time. This product gives me reliably amazing orgasms and it’s quickly becoming a bedside table favorite.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for being body-safe silicone and waterproof. Yup, totally submersible!

Extra kudos for that g-spot thumper that hits exactly how I like.

Caveat: the vibrator on this is buzzy and just not very good, at least in my experience. I wish it were a rumbly vibrator, because that would be unbelievable.

Caveat: the buttons are hard to use when the toy is in use. The farthest forward button was actually between my labia during use. I wish they were on the back of the toy instead. It’s not like I can see them anyway; put them on the back.

Caveat: although the product advertises that it’s flexible and adjustable, I didn’t find that the shaft had much flex. It might not work for all anatomies.

Kudos for magnetic induction charging, which is part of what makes this toy waterproof.

Kudos for having all the features of the toy operate independently, so I can decide how much of each feature (including none at all) I want in my play.

Caveat: the name. Every time I type Angel’s Wings, I die a little inside. We’ve just started calling it the Wizard’s Pipe.

Kudos for the price. The Angel’s Wings is $59.99, which is already a great deal for a toy that has several awesome features. But to make it even better, the folks at Interesting Realm are offering 40% off with code “elia.” That brings this down to a fantastic price.

Final Thoughts

The Angel’s Wings is not as elegant as some toys, and it’s got a silly name, and it’s not really using pressure wave air stimulation. But it’s got great features, it’s strong, it’s well-designed, and it gets me off blissfully fast. I honestly love it, and you might love it, too. Get yours at Interesting Realm, and don’t forget to use code “elia” for 40% off!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, but neither that nor receiving the product for free affect the honesty and integrity of my reviews. Affiliate links are not being used in this post.

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