Womanizer Next Review: Thank You, Next

I’ve been a fan of the Womanizer pressure wave toys, aka the clit suckers, since the first I ever tried. I’m thrilled to be on the blog today reviewing their latest improvement on the Premium line, the Womanizer Next. Building on many excellent design choices in previous iterations, the Next has a few special features to make it stand out from the rest. With only a few minor quibbles, I absolutely adored this Womanizer Next and have done some extensive reviewing in prep for this blog.

First Impressions

Womanizer’s branding is beautiful and elegant, always at odds with their name. (I’ve mostly gotten used to it, until I find myself typing it a lot in posts like these.) The box for the Next is sleek and black with an image of the toy on it.

Outside of Womanizer Next box

Once you start getting into the box, the elegance continues with a vellum veil hiding the toy and its accessories, all neatly boxed away.

Along with the Womanizer Next, you get its charging cable, a cotton storage bag, instructions, and an alternate-sized nozzle.

Womanizer with accessories

Here’s the Womanizer Next from the front and side.

There’s one button down at the bottom there, the autopilot button, which we’ll come back to. The rest of the buttons are on the back of the toy.

Next back with all the buttons

From top to bottom, you have the Womanizer logo (which isn’t a button), the + and – to control intensity, then a button for “Climax Control” (we’ll get back to that), and finally the power button at the very bottom, just above the charging connector.

Because all clitorises are different, the Womanizer Next comes with two different nozzle sizes.

Two nozzles, one taller than the other

One nozzle is shorter than the other, so you can choose whichever feels best for you based on your own anatomy.

The Womanizer Next comes in your choice of three colors: purple, mint green, or black.

Features New and Old

The Womanizer Next has several features introduced in previous editions of this toy. Like its predecessors, it’s completely waterproof and basically silent. It provides focused, majestic clitoral stimulation using air. As for power, the Next offers 14 intensity levels.

Then there are some improvements. One of the big ones is the introduction of 3D Pleasure Air using depth control. With the Climax Control button mentioned above, you can cycle through three different “depths” of stimulation which affect different levels of the clitoris.

Another new improvement relates to the autopilot function. Autopilot randomly changes the intensity of the experience. With this new toy’s Climax Control function, Autopilot is now controlling intensity as well as the depth of stimulation. This means it’s a completely varied experience. I never know what I’m going to get.

The Next also has an “afterglow” feature, where you can short-press the power button to have the toy drop back down to the lowest setting after climax.

In Use

I loved the Autopilot feature on previous editions of the Womanizer Premium, and it’s at its best yet with the Next. As I mentioned before, Autopilot varies the intensity of the suction as well as the depth of sensation. It feels completely different from one pattern to the next. I find the unpredictability exciting. I’m never sure if the sensation is going to increase in intensity, decrease, or shift in other subtle ways. With 14 variations of intensity and 3 different depths, the toy has a myriad assortment of options that all feel unique.

This toy makes me come with absolutely no effort. I can use the main intensity levels for a controlled experience, but generally I go for the random roulette wheel of autopilot. Either way, it’s a one-way ticket to orgasm town. (A great place to visit.)

A small quibble or two. The autopilot feature does two quick buzzes when you activate or deactivate it, which is nice when I want to make sure I turned it on. (The light on the underside of the toy also indicates that it’s on.) But after orgasm, when I want the sensation decreased, the “afterglow” setting doesn’t seem to operate if I have the cruise control on. At least, not that I was able to tell. And if I push the cruise control to turn it off, I get two intense buzzes right around my overly sensitive clit, which isn’t a great time. I generally have to turn the toy all the way off instead. It’s a small quibble, but I figured I’d mention it.

Other than that minor nitpick, I adore the Womanizer Next.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for keeping everything that made previous Womanizer Premium toys excellent, like waterproofing and a mind-blowing pressure air mechanism.

Additional kudos for 14 intensity levels. Wow. I can’t imagine using them all, but I like knowing they’re there. Like backup canned goods in the pantry.

More kudos for the climax control feature, aka the depth of suction. Clitorises are all different!

Speaking of which, kudos for always giving two different nozzle sizes for different sizes of clitoris.

Big kudos for the autopilot feature, which mixes up a variety of sensations for a delightful new play session every time.

Caveat: that quibble I mentioned above about afterglow, which doesn’t seem to work the way I want it.

Additional caveat: the Womanizer Next, like all the best Womanizer toys, is not a discount toy. Amazing orgasms? Yes. Gorgeous design? Yes. Cheap? Hell no. I think it’s worth every penny, but you may not feel the same.

Final Thoughts

Womanizer has done it again with the Next. This pressure air toy is an elegant, effective orgasm machine that will be on my bedside for the foreseeable future. That is, until Womanizer comes out with something even better. You can get yourself a Womanizer Next from LoveHoney or other fine retailers online.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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