Lora DiCarlo Baci Review: Veni, Vidi, Baci

Sex toys are getting more unusual in shape and design, and the Lora DiCarlo Baci certainly fits that description. With its strange body design, it doesn’t look like any sex toy I’ve ever used before. Fortunately, it functions really well and makes good use of its strange shape.

First Impressions

The Baci comes in an absolutely beautiful package: a box that folds open like an elaborate gift.

outer box
Baci gift style box

In that box you get the Baci, which looks like some kind of alien sex egg, along with an instruction book, warranty card, charging cable, and lovely yellow storage bag.

Baci with accessories

I took the plastic lid off the Baci for the above photo, but here are some with the lid on, from a variety of angles.

The Baci charges through a magnetic attachment in the back. There’s a button on the front with the Lora DiCarlo logo, and that serves as the power button.

Now let’s look behind the shell of the sex egg.

The opening on the Baci is a bit of the eye-of-Sauron type, staring into your soul. On the bottom of the toy is a single rocker button that controls the intensity.

The Baci functions by providing clitoral stimulation in two ways. First, the opening (mouth) fits over the head of the clitoris and stimulates using pressurized air to produce a sucking sensation. Second, the flat area below the opening presses against the vulva and vibrates, stimulating the internal arms of the clitoris.

In Use

The Baci is unusual to use, because it was a bit like holding a bowl or snack dish against my vulva. Also, this is the first clit stimulator I’ve tried where the nozzle isn’t particularly raised but sunken into the surface instead. I had to feel around a bit to fit my clit where it was supposed to go.

Once it was on, though, I was blown away by the intensity. The Baci does not work in half measures. The branding on this toy describes it like a mouth “lightly sucking and stroking over the glans clitoris.” For me, there was nothing light or gentle about it. It sucked hard, locking on with a firmer grip than I’ve felt from similar devices. The sensation was almost sharp, it was so intense, and it made me come really fast.

Now, I tried to go for a second orgasm with this toy right away, but for me, the sensation was too intense to maintain that level of contact and have it be pleasurable. In this, like all things, your mileage may vary.

I get what they were going for with the vulva vibrator, but I had a difficult time pressing the device hard enough against my bits to get that kind of deep stimulation. My labia got in the way, requiring some maneuvering. I think someone with a different anatomical makeup, or someone more sensitive to that kind of vibration, will find it really nice. It definitely wasn’t unpleasant; it just didn’t do anything for me.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for packaging aesthetics. The box is gorgeous, and I love how it folds out like opening a treasure. I also appreciate the yellow cotton storage bag, which is bright and cheerful and fits the “vibe,” as it were.

More kudos for a powerful clit sucker. The Baci wants to make you come hard and fast. And for me, it achieved that aim.

Additional kudos for waterproofing. Especially for this cost, waterproofing should be a given.

That brings me to a caveat: cost. The Baci is not a cheap toy, clocking in around $170. This is beyond beginner sex toy costs for most people, but then again, the Baci is not a bargain basement product. It’s part of a luxury brand that does not skimp on quality.

Kudos for a design that aims to stimulate not just the external glans clitoris but also the internal parts of the clitoris.

Kudos for making education part of the packaging: the Baci comes with a diagram of the internal and external clitoris. I love this.

Caveat: some design decisions are questionable. Because of how I had to hold the toy, I was constantly bumping the power button and worried about accidentally turning it off. (I never did, since you have to hold the power button for that.) But also, with the main button on the bottom, it was difficult to hold the toy against my vulva with any pressure: I had to hold it on the same side with the button. I was also worried about accidentally turning it higher or lower just by bumping it. This is a toy that would work better with a remote control.

A mixed kudo/caveat is the shape of the toy. I love that it doesn’t look like a dick. I don’t love that it feels awkward to hold in place. It feels like there’s no good way to grab onto it.

Kudos for mind-blowing orgasms, though, which is why we’re really here.

Final Thoughts

The Lora DiCarlo Baci is an effective, unique clit stimulator that aims to give you incredible orgasms. For all its unusual design choices, it accomplished its aim for me, and I bet it would for you, too. If you’re willing to make the investment, you may just find that the Baci becomes your bedside best friend.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, and no affiliate links are being used.

2 thoughts on “Lora DiCarlo Baci Review: Veni, Vidi, Baci

  1. Have attempted to purchase Baci from Lora Dicarlo.com. made payment through PayPal. After 5 days Lora Dicarlo has not sent an order confirmation and will not respond to email either from my account or through PayPal. I have had to place the payment in dispute. So far this feels like a scam. I also noticed that it is not possible to review in common places such as Google or Amazon.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Steve! My review is sponsored by XOXToys.com, which has the Baci in stock. I can’t speak for Lora DiCarlo’s site itself, but I hope you’re able to get what you’re looking for!

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