KinkCraft Review: Do It Yourself then Do Yourself

If you’ve never heard of KinkCraft – and I’m a little embarrassed that I hadn’t – they’re a company that sells instructions and kits so you can build your own pervertables. You can either buy the courses and purchase your own supplies, or buy kits that include the course and all the supplies, or just skip all the “DIY” and buy ready-made products from them (but where’s the fun in that?). I am happy to do a KinkCraft review on two of their beginner products.

The wonderful folks over at KinkCraft asked me if I wanted ready-made items or kits to build myself, and being a crafty person, I asked for the kits. They sent me two beginner kits to try out: the Mini-Flogger and the Figure-8 Cuffs.

Right away, I was impressed with the presentation. The kits came in cute little branded purple boxes with ribbons, very aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, I was getting two boxes of paracord, but I didn’t feel like I was getting two boxes of paracord. I could easily see giving these as gifts to kinky/crafty friends.

KinkCraft kits

Yesterday was “craft day” at my house, so while my friend sewed a Halloween costume for her niece, I constructed two kinky toys. (Don’t worry. The niece was not present for any of this.)

The KinkCraft instructional courses were easy to access and follow. Each kit came with a code to submit on their website to access the course, and then those courses were saved in my account online for easy retrieval. Each step of each course was clearly described in the accompanying videos. I’m a crafty person, but I think even a non-crafty person would find these beginner toys quite accessible.

Paracord Mini-Flogger

I made the paracord mini-flogger first. The kit had everything I needed except my tape measure and scissors.

KinkCraft Paracord Mini-Flogger Supplies

The website said this project would take me thirty minutes, and that was accurate. I went from this pile of paracord to a finished mini-flogger in half an hour, and I was tickled by how adorable it turned out.

Flogger handle
Look at that cute knotted detail!

The finished product:

Finished Flogger

Trying It Out

I was skeptical as to how this mini-flogger would compare to my purchased floggers, and no, it’s not a replacement. You can’t duplicate the sensation of a heavy suede or leather flogger with paracord. That said, this toy is delightful for what it is: a small, portable, inexpensive impact device. It is surprisingly thuddy, too, considering how small it is. I thought it would be all sting, especially with those knotted ends, but if you aim the falls to strike with more of their surface instead of just the tips, you’ll get as much thud as sting.

I was considering the impact of making a much longer flogger with this same technique, but I have a feeling the knotted paracord ends would be quite stingy if they had more length to “whip” against the skin.

This mini-flogger is simply adorable. It was fun to make, and while it won’t be our go-to flogger for most impact play, its sensation is unique enough to make it a welcome addition to the toybox.

Figure-8 Cuffs

Fresh off my mini-flogger success, I decided to build the figure 8 cuffs. I was quite skeptical about the function of these cuffs. The design didn’t look very secure, and I couldn’t imagine that I wouldn’t be able to just slip right out of them. My theory was “cute, but not particularly functional.”

Spoiler alert: I was very wrong! These are quite cute and also very effective.

It turns out it’s all in the measuring.

Like the mini-flogger, the figure-8 cuffs came with everything I needed in the kit except for tape measure and scissors.

Figure 8 cuff supplies

That tape measure was key: the course has you measure your wrists and then do some math in order to get the cuffs at the correct size. This was explained thoroughly and also written out below the video, too, and it was easy for me to figure out what measurements I would need.

The course also did a nice job reminding me to measure multiple times during the early stage of the weaving. I obeyed, because I’m a Good Girl™. I’m glad I listened: I did have to adjust the lengths of my strands at first since, like I was warned, the lengths shifted during my first few ties.

The figure-8 cuffs also took me a half hour to make, most of it spent weaving the very satisfying cobra knots that make up the body of the cuffs. When I finished, I had an item that looked like an adorable dog collar.

unfastened cuffs

Trying Them Out

Still uncertain that the cuffs would work, I tried them on. They required someone else to clip them on me, and then they were very secure. I could not remove them myself, nor slip out of them. They were comfortable to wear and perfectly sized for me.

Finished cuffs

Wearing the cuffs

These cuffs are quite functional and aesthetically pleasing. They were easy to make and use, and just as secure as any other kinds of cuffs. In some ways, more so: I could unfasten a dogbone clip if I wanted to, but I could not free my hands from these cuffs, especially given the placement of the buckle.

These cuffs are great for people who need to be subtle with their pervertables. Unfastened, the cuffs look like a paracord necklace or dog collar, completely innocuous.

The Bottom Line

These KinkCraft kits are fun to both make and use. They’re not the same as store-bought kink items, but that’s not their goal. They aren’t trying to be the same quality and caliber as a fancy suede collar or a pair of leather cuffs, but they’re definitely functional and ideal for people on a budget.

There’s something about homemade that transcends store-bought, though. A homemade item shows care and effort. You didn’t just pick it out; you made it. That kind of care and attention to detail is a part of the kink community for many.

Another element of KinkCraft that I think is underemphasized is the potential mind fuck element. I’m a huge fan of the mind fuck. Imagine being told to make your own cuffs, knowing the whole while that you’re going to be tied up with them afterward? Or being told to make the flogger that’s going to redden your skin? The half hour build time for these beginner crafts is a lovely amount of time for a sub to think on the impending play, and it heightens anticipation before the scene even begins. Imagine what kind of kinky possibilities can be added to make the crafting itself even more fun.

I’m interested in trying more KinkCraft kits in the future and can’t wait to keep playing with my new toys.

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