Amovibe Felipe Rose Review: Everyone Loves Flowers!

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When it comes to sex toys, sometimes it’s nice to have a toy that stimulates in multiple ways at the same time. The Felipe is one of a whole line of Rose vibrators from Amovibe. This Felipe review looks at a rose vibrator with an external clit sucker and an internal thruster. It’s got a lot going on, but that’s what’s fun about it. Let’s take a closer look.

First Impressions

The Felipe rose vibrator comes in a very simple cardboard box. STEALTH MODE.

Amovibe Felipe rose box, which is neutral red and black

No way of knowing there’s a sex toy in there!

The Felipe rose comes with instructions and a charging cable.

Felipe rose with charging cable and instructions

This is a toy in two parts: a rose-shaped clit sucker and a cylindrical, somewhat phallic thruster connected by a short hose. Here are those various parts.

The toy charges by magnetic induction, and there are two buttons to control everything. There are separate buttons for the thruster and the clit sucker, and each can be operated independently.

In Use

The Felipe’s insertable portion is not incredibly large, which is nice if you prefer more slender insertables or you don’t want to warm up for a long time. The top third is what “thrusts,” extending and retracting. I liked playing with the various settings, which change the speed at which that thrusting motion happens. There are a variety of speeds and patterns, all controlled by cycling through the settings with the button.

The clit sucker rose is strong, and the hole was broad enough for me that I had no trouble lining it up. I actually had to turn off the clit sucker for portions of the test so I didn’t come too quickly before I’d had a chance to try out the various settings. The rose has a variety of intensities, so if you prefer a stronger type of stimulation, I bet you can find a setting to work for you.

While the two ends of the toy are connected by a hose, the hose isn’t so long as to get in the way when manipulating the toy. It was very easy for me to situate everything to have an absolutely wonderful time. The Felipe got me off hard and fast, a rousing success.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for this design which allows each part of the toy to be controlled and used separately. I like having the parts connected by a hose so I can line them up how they work best for me. I also like having separate buttons for each portion.

Kudos for waterproofing. The Felipe is submersible, fun for the tub or shower. The waterproofing also makes it easy to clean.

Kudos for a strong clit stimulator in that rose. Wow, that thing’s intense!

Caveat: the insertable portion isn’t very big. You might find this a kudo, but I was wishing for more girth or length.

Caveat: there’s no storage bag for this toy, and with its multiple parts and hose connector, I really wish there was one.

Kudos for the price! Currently priced under $50, this is a steal.

Final Thoughts

The Felipe Rose vibrator from Amovibe is an excellent deal. With several types of stimulation and a thoughtful design, this is a great toy to buy as a gift…or as a gift for yourself.

Don’t we all deserve roses?

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