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In a world where sex toys are increasingly specialized and increasingly large, this GPop2 review looks at a vibrator that packs a lot of versatility into its small size. With lovely packaging and a design usable by people of all genders, the GPop2 from GVibe has a lot worth celebrating. Don’t miss a 20% off discount code at the end of this post!

First Impressions

The GPop2 comes in a very cute cylindrical package. It’s a neat way to present the toy, very unassuming and nonthreatening, definitely classier than a plastic blister pack. 

Gpop2 cylindrical tube package

Inside, you get the GPop2, a white satin storage bag, a red cable for magnetic induction charging, and a user guide for the toy.

Gpop2 with accessories

The GPop2 has a larger bulb for insertion with a narrow “neck” at the bottom, plus a curved end that stays outside the body. It’s mostly dark blue silicone with a rose gold plastic segment that holds the curved shape at the base.

There’s one button that does it all. That button turns the toy on and off and also cycles through the intensities and patterns. The charger attaches magnetically to two metal dots near the curved end.

In Use

I noticed right away that the GPop2 is a vibrator with some good power, even on the lowest speed. The vibration is buzzy rather than rumbly, so it’s best suited for more surface stimulation. Even so, it has some good strength despite this buzziness. There are six modes to choose from, varying intensities and patterns.

The GPop2 is designed to stimulate either the g-spot or the p-spot. Most of the vibrations are concentrated in the bulb. With a slender size and a very slender neck, this toy is easy to insert. I did some experimenting with its opportunities for stimulation. I could easily situate the bulb against my g-spot and then shift the external curve of the toy to rest against my clit. The primary vibrations were focused on my g-spot, but diffuse vibrations also reached my clit.

This was pleasant, but not enough to get me off. I found that I preferred either using the GPop2 with external manual stimulation or using the toy itself externally. Although the GPop2 is designed for easy insertion, the small size and prominent bulb made it perfect for external stimulation, too. I ended up gravitating back to using the GPop2 as a clit stimulator, and it was great for this task.

I respond best to g-spot vibration when it’s coming from a larger toy that provides firmer pressure. The GPop2 is small enough that it couldn’t provide that level of firm pressure inside for me, although it was pleasant.

I appreciated that the GPop2 is also safe for anal use. The bulb is large enough to notice but not large enough to be inaccessible to beginners. Make sure you’re sufficiently relaxed and lubed up. (A reminder that like all silicone toys, the GPop2 is best used with water-based lube.) The narrow neck keeps the toy easily situated when inserted anally. As always, don’t switch the GPop2 between anal use and any other use without a thorough cleaning.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for an accessible vibrator with a variety of uses. Whether you like external stimulation or internal stimulation, g-spot or p-spot, the GPop2 provides a little something for everyone.

Additional kudos for waterproofing. This makes the toy easy to clean and usable in the bath and shower, wherever the mood may strike you. The magnetic charging mechanism is part of what makes the toy waterproof while also making it easy to charge.

Kudos for a pleasing aesthetic. From the vibrant blue color to the curve of the product to the packaging, everything about the GPop2 is lovely to look at.

Caveat: The vibrations are buzzy rather than rumbly. If you’re looking for really deep and rumbly vibrations, this isn’t the ideal toy for that.

Kudo and caveat: the slender size makes the GPop2 widely accessible and usable either vaginally or anally, but it doesn’t provide much girth if that’s something you enjoy.

Final Thoughts

The GPop2 is a wonderful vibrator for those new to the world of vibration. It’s also great for those who want to have a toy that’s usable in a variety of ways. Versatility, thy name is GPop2. It’s also an excellent choice for people in different-sex relationships who want a toy that both partners can use. (Standard disclaimers apply: make sure you’re cleaning toys thoroughly and not swapping toys with anyone you’re not fluid-bonded with.) It’s a great value for the money, well-designed, not intimidating, and a lot of fun to use.

So Pop To It!

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