Tweezer Clamps: A Masturbation Month Toy Recommendation

Hello, folks! Today, I’m going to recommend some tweezer clamps to spice up your solo and partnered sex. But first, of course, Twitter results!

When I asked about butt stuff, you folks responded, and I appreciate it. 43% of respondents enjoy some anal play during masturbation, at least on occasion, and an additional 14% said it was their fave! There’s a small percentage (8%) of respondents who said, “I’m terrified of my ass,” but never fret, assfraid people. Anal play is totally optional and not for everyone.

Stuff You Should Buy: Tweezer Clamps

tweezer clampsTweezer clamps are a great set of nipple clamps suitable for all levels of desired nipple intensity. These adjustable clamps squeeze the nipple between rubber-tipped arms. The intensity of the pinch is changed by sliding the metal ring up or down the shaft of the clamp, and that sounded really dirty even as I was typing it.

The Yay

With just a little pinch, these clamps can be enough to remind you of your nipples without much pain. With the ring slid all the way up, the pinch is much more serious, a very noticeable “ow” that happens to be “yay!” to me, but might not be “yay” to you. Either way, there’s differentiated pain play available, and I like that.

I didn’t buy tweezer clamps for a long time, jumping into nipple play first with clothespins, then with clothespins that had rubber bands around the tips when I learned I wanted more intense sensations. The first clamps I bought were clover clamps, also known as butterfly clamps, those beautiful giant monstrosities that pinch like an angry viper and get tighter when you pull the chain. Since tweezer clamps were always marketed as a “beginner” clamp, I skipped right over them.

But oh, how wrong I was! Since buying them, I’ve learned that while they don’t have the heft of clover clamps, their full-pinch mode is almost as painful, and their versatility makes them a staple of my nightstand sex toy collection. The small size of their pinching area makes them great for smaller nipples, too, and therefore suited to all genders.

Another “yay” is the price. These clamps are fairly inexpensive. Good Vibrations has them for only $16, a price comparable to what I’ve seen in local sex shops. While they aren’t as cheap as a $2 bag of clothespins, they’re more aesthetically pleasing and definitely versatile.

The Meh

Because the rubber tips are put over the top of the tweezer arms, they don’t always stay in place if you pull too hard on the chain. It’s possible to pull hard enough to pull the rubber tips right off, leaving your nipple with no clamp on it. I know other kinksters who have taken the removable tips off altogether and used Plastidip on the ends instead. For me, if I’m going to be putting weights on my clamps, I use the clovers instead.

Bottom Line

If you like a little bite with your ooh, get yourself some tweezer clamps. You won’t be sorry.

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