The Second Day of Dicksmas: Paloqueth Rabbit Review

It’s the second day of Dicksmas, and this Paloqueth Rabbit Review is way better than two turtledoves. If you like vibrators, and you like saving money, you’re going to want this product. The Paloqueth Rabbit surpassed all my expectations and is my new must-recommend budget vibrator. 

Background Info

I get a lot of requests to review products. Most are spam, and go directly to my spam folder. But some companies actually contact me directly to review their products. Paloqueth was one of those companies. I checked them out online to make sure their products were made with body-safe materials; I never review jelly rubber or TPE toys. The price point gave me pause. How can any products be good at this price point? Skeptical, I nevertheless agreed to give their products a try. They sent me three items at my request: a BDSM kit, a dolphin vibrator, and the rabbit vibrator I’m reviewing here today. The others will feature on upcoming days of Dicksmas. 

Paloqueth sells via Amazon, but they have their own branded website as well. The “about” pages don’t give a lot of information. They get their name from a Kahlil Gibran poem, “Passionate love is a quenchless thirst.” The resulting portmanteau is far less elegant, “Paloqueth,” which sounds a bit like the name Daffy Duck would give his D&D character.

Paloqueth has a mission and vision, but no specifics about their origin except that they date back to 2013. Their prices are incredibly low, which they attribute to customers being able to purchase directly from the manufacturer. There’s no info online about ethical manufacturing principles, nor the lack thereof, but low prices always make me suspicious of sweatshops. 

Nonetheless, I can’t review what I don’t know, like company manufacturing ethics. I can review the product itself.

Out of the Box

The Paloqueth Rabbit comes in a sleek black box that looks way more high-end than I anticipated from the images of the product online.

Paloqueth rabbit box exterior

Look at that beautiful case. When you open it, the toy inside is in a plastic bag, which spoils the pristine look a bit.

Rabbit in box

Once out of the plastic bag and the rest of the packaging, the Paloqueth Rabbit is a pretty standard rabbit-style vibrator. It has an insertable shaft (with a decidedly penis-like head). There is an external clitoral stimulator, which even has bunny ears.

Rabbit out of box, with charging cord

Everything is controlled by two simple buttons at the bottom: one to turn it on, and one to cycle through the different vibration patterns. 

Here are some shots of the rabbit from different angles, including my thumb for scale so you can see the width of different parts of the toy.

The Rabbit charges with one of those stabby kind of chargers that lets the device remain waterproof. The port is at the base and looks like this:

Rabbit charging port

The Paloqueth Rabbit is incredibly flexible: both the shaft and the clitoral arm have significant range.

The rabbit also has a cool feature I like: the bottom of the toy has the logo, Paloqueth, and as you cycle through the different vibration options, the logo changes colors. 

Into My Box

Let’s start by saying I’m not a huge fan of rabbit vibrators. I’ve had numerous ones in the past, and they just ring sort of “meh” to me. Often, the clitoral arm is such that thrusting the toy takes away all clit stimulation. Sometimes, the device is so inflexible that I can’t make it line up well with my anatomy. And most often, the vibrators are buzzy and uncomfortable. As a result, I didn’t hold a lot of hope for the Paloqueth Rabbit. 

And yet.

The rabbit surprised me right away with its vibrators. Instead of the cheap buzz I expected, the rabbit hit me with two deep, rumbly vibrators. Wow. Even on the low setting, the vibrations transmitted through my vagina and the internal and external portions of my clitoris. 

Also, with the flexibility of the external arm, I was able to line the toy up perfectly with my clitoris in a few different ways. I could lay it flat between my labia, or curl the ears down to sit on either side of my clit. With a couple of options, I didn’t feel afraid to move the toy in fear of never finding that perfect spot again. 

One thing I noticed immediately was the narrowed shaft of the insertable portion. The head was larger than the base, designed for g-spot stimulation. While I do like a “thick” feeling at the entrance to my vagina, I was pleasantly surprised by how the shape of this toy felt when thrusting. The slightly curved head “tugged” at my g-spot when I pulled back, sending vibrations just where I wanted them. Combined with the flexible clit arm, I could thrust the toy while still getting pretty continuous stimulation on my clit. 

The patterns on the rabbit are pretty standard: low, medium, high, followed by different speeds for intermittent pulses and ramps up and down. I tend to prefer steady vibration as opposed to patterns, which sometimes distract me, but I found myself happily cycling through the patterns just to get some different feelings.

After I came the first time with the rabbit, I decided to just… keep going. I came a second time, and then even a third, which is pretty unusual for me. With rumbly vibrators that didn’t leave me feeling itchy and uncomfortable, I could relax and have a longer playtime than I normally do with a vibe.

Cheers and Caveats

Big, giant cheers to the price point. The Paloqueth Rabbit is $29 on Amazon, people. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS. This makes it a perfect entry-level vibrator and a great gift item, since it’s good quality without breaking the bank. In fact, I already recommended it to a friend of mine looking to buy her (of legal age) sisters their first vibrators. 

Cheers to body-safe materials and quality of packaging. The toy and packaging don’t look cheap, and the packaging definitely doesn’t look like something you’d be ashamed to gift. I mean, unless you’re ashamed to give sex toys as gifts, but that’s on you.

Cheers to deep, rumbly vibrators.

Cheers to waterproofing.

Caveat: The two vibrators operate together, so there’s no way to change the settings on just one of them or turn one of them off. It’s a minor quibble, especially for the price point, but you’re here for minor quibbles.

Caveat: The two buttons feel the same under my fingers, and I often don’t remember which is power and which changes the vibration pattern while I’m using it. Fortunately, there are only two buttons, so not a lot to go wrong. It just means I occasionally turn it off by accident. On the flipside, one time I was about to turn it off after I came really hard, but I was terrified to press the wrong button and make it go stronger on my sensitive bits. I ended up just pulling the toy out while it was still vibrating and then turning it off. 

Caveat: The insertable portion really looks like a dick in a way that isn’t entirely necessary. Just because dicks go in my vagina doesn’t mean I need everything that goes in my vagina to be Dick-Themed.

Cheers: the changing colors at the base of the toy are really cool.

Final Thoughts

Damn, I love this vibrator. The Paloqueth Rabbit was not a toy I expected to enjoy, especially at a $30 price point, but it hit the spot for me. It gets a high recommendation from me, especially for those people who are just starting out in the world of sex toys and don’t want to drop a ton of cash on something they might not like. Get yourself a Paloqueth Rabbit. 

Stay tuned for my other Paloqueth toy reviews in future Days of Dicksmas!

Paloqueth provided this toy in exchange for an honest review. Getting this toy for free did not affect my review at all. Use discount code “ELIA” at checkout for 15% off and to support this blog through a percentage of your purchase.

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