Sucking Doesn’t Suck: The Satisfyer Pressure Wave Lineup Review

If you’ve been anywhere near this blog for a while, or you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me sing the praises of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. In fact, I’ve recommended a lot of Satisfyer pressure wave toys over the years: the “pressure wave” air stimulation feels like it’s sucking your clitoris, and that’s pretty much perfect. Well, Satisfyer just keeps coming up with more pressure wave toys, and they sent me four new ones to try.

Frankly? In use, they feel pretty similar to me. But the aesthetics are different, the feeling in-hand is different, and there are some other slight nuances to consider. So, this Satisfyer Pressure Wave lineup review takes a look at four new devices en masse.

The Contenders

Here they are: the Prêt-à-Porter, the High Fashion, the Pro 2 + vibration, and the Pro 3 + vibration.

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail before we turn any of them on.


The Prêt-à-Porter is part of Satisfyer’s new luxury line, designed for a high-end market. It’s a glamorous rose gold device with leather and “precious metal” accents.

In hand, this toy just feels nice. Although the toy is rounded, it has a somewhat angular profile from the side, with blunter edges than other Satisfyer devices. The nozzle around the clitoris comes to more of a point rather than a flat, broad head. For me, this makes it easier to tell when the toy is in place vs. almost in place.

Another design feature of the Prêt-à-Porter is the placement of the nozzle. Because the nozzle is at the tip of the device, rather than on the side, the body of the toy “stands up” between your legs while it’s in use.

When you use the Prêt-à-Porter on yourself, the buttons are on the side facing you, controllable with your thumb.

High Fashion

The High Fashion is a sleek, brushed aluminum device that seems a bit like it was invented by an airplane manufacturer. It’s got that same “feel.” The High Fashion is also part of Satisfyer’s high-end luxury line.

Unlike the Prêt-à-Porter, the nozzle on the High Fashion is on the side of the toy. The silicone nozzle is fairly flat in profile, not as pointed as the one on the Prêt-à-Porter, and the whole device itself has a slimmer profile than the Prêt-à-Porter.

When you use the High fashion on yourself, the buttons are on the back of the toy, controllable with your fingers rather than your thumb.

The Pro 2 + Vibration

I’ve already reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 2, and this is basically the same device plus vibration. The website says they’ve changed a few things about the body angles and such, but I can’t really tell. Feels mostly the same to me.

The Pro 2 + vibration has a rose gold plastic body and a broad silicone nozzle on the side of the toy. It’s somewhat like the High Fashion in design, but more rounded. The silicone nozzle is a bit more rounded on the body-contact edge than the High Fashion. Like the High Fashion, if you use it on yourself, the buttons are on the back, controllable by fingers.

The Pro 3 + Vibration

The Pro 3 + Vibration is a black silicone Satisfyer with rose gold accents. It’s billed as the best Satisfyer yet, and honestly, I’ve got to agree. It has a very soft nozzle at the end, and a rounded body that comes to something of a point.

Like the Prêt-à-Porter, the Pro 3 sticks up from the body in use. The buttons (which are hard to photograph but not hard to feel) are on the side of the toy facing you, and controllable with the thumb.

Universal Features

All these Satisfyers have the following traits in common:

  • Waterproof
  • 11 pressure wave settings
  • 10 vibration settings
  • Silicone nozzle
  • Separate controls for vibration and pressure wave
  • USB magnetic charging (with an interchangeable charger)
  • Nice-looking packaging
  • All described on Satisfyer’s main website using the cringe-worthy phrase “love bead” or “pleasure bead” instead of the word “clitoris”


I addressed a few comparisons in the item descriptions, but here are a few others.

Nozzle Softness

The Pro 3 + Vibration has the softest nozzle, by far. You can squish it easily by about a half inch, but it’s mostly because that part of the toy body is “empty.” There’s no internal mechanism under the outer silicone for about a half inch. Next softest is the High Fashion, with a solid silicone ring that you can squish about a quarter inch. The Prêt-à-Porter is next, with a bit of squish, like a pencil eraser. The firmest is the Pro 2, which is silicone that you can’t compress at all.


The Prêt-à-Porter is the longest and widest. The High Fashion is the next longest, although significantly slimmer. The Pro 2 is slightly shorter than the High Fashion, although with a similar width base (but no taper). The Pro 3 is the shortest of all of them, comparable in width to the Pro 2 and the High Fashion but with more of a rounded taper.


The High Fashion is 165g. The Prêt-à-Porter is 144g. The Pro 2 is 115g. The Pro 3 is 113g.


Accurate on at the time of posting.

High Fashion – $139.95
Prêt-à-Porter – $119.95
Pro 2 + Vibration – $59.95
Pro 3 + Vibration – $59.95

My Preferences

While the pressure wave intensity and vibration felt almost indistinguishable between all these devices, I had a slight preference for the Prêt-à-Porter and the Pro 3. Of those, I prefer the Pro 3. I realized while using those two toys that I really like the “toy protruding from the body” sensation. It felt curiously like manipulating a penis, and while I am cisgender, I found the experience really cool.

I prefer the Pro 3 over the Prêt-à-Porter, in fact, because its rounded body and soft silicone exterior seemed a bit more penis-like. Manipulating the buttons by thumb instead of fingers, holding the shaft of the toy and tugging it lightly, these were all delightfully penis-adjacent feelings that made the physical pleasure have a “naughty good fun” mental pleasure as well.

I tried and liked all of these toys, and if I were getting one for someone as a gift, I might splurge for a luxury one. But honestly? It’s all aesthetics, and it’s what you like.

A Suggestion For Pressure Wave Manufacturers

Just go all-in. Make a pressure wave toy that sits over the clitoris and has a full dildo-like shaft. Make it harness compatible. Let me fuck someone with this toy while it sucks my clit. I would buy the shit out of that!

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with any of these Satisfyers. They’re amazing. They’re beautiful. They suck your fucking clit. If you don’t own any of them, what are you waiting for? Go buy one right now.

I received these toys from Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying products through them really helps keep this blog running! Thanks for your support.

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