Lovense Nora Review: Masturbation Month Day Three

Hi folks! It is National Masturbation Month, and I’m doing a bunch of review to celebrate. Today, on Day Three (which is not May 3rd), I am reviewing the Lovense Nora. I’m so excited to be reviewing for Lovense! They are the big name in remote-controlled vibrator technology. I was an IndieGogo supporter of the original Lush in like 2015, and it was an impressive toy back then. Now, add almost ten years of technology growth. The Lovense Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator that combines solid design with a kick-ass remote-control app for a winning result.

First Impressions

The Nora comes in a simple box with an image of the toy on the front.

lovense nora box

Inside, you get the Nora plus a storage bag, charging cable, and instructions.

Here it is with its accoutrements.

Nora with bag and cable and instructions

Here is the Nora from several different angles.

The Nora rabbit vibrator has an insertable shaft with several raised bumps along its length. That shaft is decently girthy and pleasantly curved. Like all rabbit-style vibes, there’s an external arm for clit stimulation. That arm is flexible, enabling it to be aligned as needed. The handle is solid and has two buttons: one to control the vibrator and one to manage shaft rotation. Because yes, this toy doesn’t just vibrate: it rotates.

So let’s talk functionality.

In Use

It’s hard to get into talking about the Nora without discussing the Lovense App, so I’ll get to that soon. But first, the basics. The vibrator of the Nora transmits through the clitoral arm. It’s a decently rumbly vibe with good strength. The shaft rotates, as I mentioned before. You can control the speed and pattern of both the vibration and rotation through the buttons on the base… but why do that, when there’s a fabulous app?

The Lovense App

The Lovense App is a delight to use. It’s very user-friendly, which isn’t always the case for toy apps. My Nora connected immediately and stayed connected every time I used it for the whole duration of my session, never disconnecting if I set my phone aside or my body was in the way.

Small side note: the settings of the app allow you to determine what happens if your toy disconnects during use. You can choose to have it stop vibrating or continue on the previous setting, and I love that feature. I can’t count the number of times I was playing with some other toy that disconnected and I lost the ability to shut it off remotely and had to fumble for buttons. That was incredibly annoying.

Within the app, you can select a whole host of options. There’s the very basic remote play, where you control your own device through either a simple up/down selection for each motor (vibrator and rotator), or through a more interactive setting where you drag the vibrator or rotator icons around the screen to raise or lower intensity. You can also give remote control to a play partner. There’s a “control roulette” option where you can be randomly paired with a stranger to control each other’s toys. Not enough options? You can have it controlled by ambient sound, music, an alarm clock, or even the speed of your car (once you confirm that you aren’t the one driving). There are even interactive videos and games you can access through your app.

There are so many features that I didn’t honestly try them all. But everything I tried worked great. My personal favorite, simple though it may be, is downloadable patterns. You can program and save your own patterns on the app, but you can also download ones that other people have created. For me, that’s a perfect mix of feeling like someone else is controlling the toy without the social requirements of actually reaching out to another person. I had fun downloading and trying various patterns, and wow, there are some great ones.

Bottom line: the app is incredible. The Nora is an excellent rabbit vibrator, and I had no trouble getting off with it, but the app elevates the product from fun to exceptional.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a high-quality rabbit vibrator with a thoughtful design. It’s top-end, and that’s evident in the workmanship and even the feel of the silicone.

Caveat: while the Nora is water-resistant, Lovense doesn’t market it as waterproof. This means it’s fine to wash in the sink to clean it, but I wouldn’t submerge it in the bath.

Kudos for two types of stimulation with the clit vibrator and the rotating shaft.

Gigantic kudos for the various functions of the app. Seriously, every function deserves its own kudos, but we’d be here all night. I’ll stick with a couple of big ones: kudos for a bluetooth connection that stays connected. Also, kudos for having so many options and ways to play. Whether solo or with a partner, you’re going to have an excellent time with the Nora.

Final kudos to big sales. While the original price online is quoted at $199, it’s on sale for $99. Is this a permanent sale or temporary? No idea. But even though $100 is not an impulse purchase for many people, this is far cheaper than other toys with way less functionality. Feels like a steal to me.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Nora is an excellent rabbit vibrator. It’s a quality product on its own. But the app? With all that remote control functionality? I get it, folks. I understand why seemingly every online sex worker seems to gravitate toward the Lovense brand of product. Personally, I cannot wait to try more Lovense products and see all the different ways the app can make a good time even better.

Heard enough? Want your own? You can get the Nora directly from Lovense! Happy Masturbation Month!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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