Thrust Machine: Evolved Love Thrust Review

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I’m always a fan of sex toys that aim to make the solo experience better. My Love Thrust review looks at the Love Thrust thrusting vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Also, the word “thrust” has already started to look weird three sentences into this review, so please have mercy on me as I repeat it a million times. The Love Thrust is a solo sex machine with a vibrator and thrusting mechanism.

First Impressions

The Love Thrust comes in a giant box, because it’s a giant toy. The box is somewhat reflective, as the image indicates.

Love thrust box

Open up the box and here’s what you get.

Love thrust with instructions and USB cable

Pretty straightforward: you get the Love Thrust, the USB charging cable, and a brief one-page instruction guide.

The Love Thrust is a vibrating dildo atop an accordion-style midsection. The entire thing is mounted on a motorized base on a suction cup.

Here are some angles on the Love Thrust itself.

The last image shows the base a bit better. It has three buttons: power (bottom), vibration (middle), and thrust (top). The buttons are fairly low profile but easy enough to feel. The suction cup bottom has a little tab to help you unstick it from a surface.

There are three thrusting speeds: low, medium, and high, like windshield wipers. The actual motion of thrust is about an inch up and down. There are also 7 vibration modes, from increasing intensity to variable patterns.

In Use

Evolved Novelties bills the Love Thrust as a sex machine. It’s meant to be a solo toy that simulates the thrusting of PIV intercourse. I actually own a fucking machine, and this isn’t that. However, it’s also a quarter of the price, so that’s an apples-to-oranges comparison. I want to talk about how the Love Thrust works as a thrusting toy.

Trying to use the Love Thrust was a bit more complicated than I anticipated because of its overall size. I don’t mean the width of the insertable portion, which was a perfectly reasonable toy size. But the height was challenging. It’s too tall for me to kneel directly over, and I’m 5’8″ with most of that in the leg. In that position, I would have to kneel almost fully upright, with no hip bend, in order to have it penetrating me to the correct depth that it can also still thrust. If I settle back on my heels at all, it’s so deep it’s painful. And that’s taking into account the significant girth of my thighs and calves, which raise me up quite a bit.

The suction cup is pretty good, but it’s a very heavy toy, and it does not stay stuck to my bedroom wall. It was sticking fairly well to the shower wall, but I didn’t have it in motion at the time. I’m not sure how well it would stay adhered during some high-intensity thrusting.

The way I did manage to use the Love Thrust was to kneel and then bend way forward, which raises my hips enough to lift off the toy and also lets me rest my upper body. Whether on hands and knees or with my torso down on the bed, my hips were high enough to prevent painful cervical poundings. Instead, I got the pleasant thrusting motion.

The Love Thrust does what it says on the tin: it thrusts. That is, it thrusts if it doesn’t encounter resistance. If my hips were too low, or even if I squeezed my internal muscles too much, the thrusting paused or stopped. This is probably designed to prevent injury to the user or damage to the toy, so it’s likely a good feature. But I wish the motor were a bit stronger. I found that if I pushed my hips down even a bit too much, the toy wouldn’t thrust even if it would have had room to thrust.

The vibrator is solid. It’s decently rumbly, rather than buzzy, and I found the vibrations added a lot to the experience. Of course, your mileage may vary. Sometimes it’s just nice to have the thrusting sensation. And once I found a good position in which to use the toy, the thrusting was delightful.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a thrusting toy that thrusts. Providing this one has a sturdy base to launch from, and you’ve found a position that works for you, the thrusting is generally quite effective. Mounting the base on something is essential.

Caveat: you really can’t use this toy from any position you choose. I generally prefer to use toys while lying on my back, but that’s not really possible with this one unless you’re able to maneuver your hips really well next to a wall and get the right angle on the toy. If you’re good with the kneeling position, or standing if you have a chair or bench the correct height, you will be fine. If you’re into predicament scenarios, the challenge might be part of the fun.

Kudos for a strong vibrator in the body of the toy. It helped me enjoy the sensations a lot more.

Kudos for waterproofing. You could definitely give this a go in the tub or shower, and you might have some luck getting the Love Thrust to stick to the wall.

Caveat: this toy would really benefit from a remote control or an app. It was difficult to find the buttons to adjust while in use, especially from the position that worked best for me. Plus, this would be incredibly hot to use with a partner, and that’s just not possible without an app or a remote.

Caveat: the accordion-style thrusting mechanism is challenging to clean. There are a lot of crevices in there. Fortunately, the waterproofing means you can put it right in the sink to deal with it.

Final Thoughts

The Love Thrust from Evolved Novelties may not be a full fucking machine, and it definitely has some design improvement opportunities, but it’s a great toy if you want a thrusting sensation and don’t mind some maneuvering into position to make it work. The waterproofing is an excellent feature as well. You might have to get creative to use it, but the actual functionality is solid and both the vibrator and thruster work well. A great addition to the toy box for the adventurous aficionado. And if this particular vibrator isn’t a good match for you, has a wide variety of other sex toys and even some sex machines for you to try and enjoy.

I received the Love Thrust in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post by, but that does not affect the content of my review.

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