Tantus Flurry O2 Review: A Flurry of G-Spot Action

For today, I’m doing a Tantus Flurry O2 review, and while I’m not sure I can keep going with the terrible puns for every review, I’m certainly going to try.

According to Tantus, the Flurry O2 is made specifically to target the g-spot. It’s got exaggerated ridges right where it counts. Beyond that, it’s a very smooth, soft toy. Surprisingly soft. I tend to like my dildos on the firm side, which is why I have a collection of glass and steel, but I want to give silicone a fair shake.

Out of the Box…

Flurry O2 in Box
Shiny and new in box!

Upon handling the Flurry, I was struck by its squishiness and I just wanted to keep squishing it. It’s not, like, the oozy kind of squishy, but it’s got some give. As a result, I know this is a toy where I could probably take more girth than normal, and I think that’s part of its goal. It’s a very smooth silicone, but it’s the kind that picks up lint really easily. Just trying to photograph it, every time I’d rinse it and dry it off, it would pick up towel lint or dust or something similar. It was like a magic lint-attracting toy. I’ll need to get a microfiber case for this one, I think.


…And Into the Box

So, how did it perform? Quite well, actually. It felt bigger inside me than I’d anticipated. One note about silicone is that it can catch on your skin and get sort of “draggy” feeling unless you’re really wet or use lube. I get super duper wet – “like a slip and slide” according to one of my partners – but I still needed a little lube to keep the Flurry from catching on my (admittedly generous) inner labia. Once slick, though, the toy had a really nice internal feel. It was thick enough that I could feel it, but not so solid that I couldn’t create a bit of “give” in the surface when I clenched around it.

Flurry O2 in hand
Dem ridges.

The real star of this toy is the ridged head, though. I could definitely feel it against my g-spot. It didn’t cause a g-spot orgasm in its own right, since I don’t generally come like that. When combined with clitoral stimulation, though, I came really hard and deeply. The second time I tried it, I had a similar experience: hard, deep, intense orgasm, the kind that indicates good g-spot stimulation.

I haven’t gotten to try this toy with a harness, because I’m not having any harness-based sex right now. If I do, this toy is at the top of that list. It’s got a generous base that I think will help it stay in place nicely, and those ridges are something pretty special.

Final Thoughts

The Flurry O2 is a toy for g-spot stimulation, and it does that quite well. My only quibble is minor: aside from those ridges, the rest of the toy is impeccably smooth without getting particularly broad near the base. That means I get very little sensation around the entrance to my vagina. Once it’s slick, I can barely feel it sliding in and out except at my g-spot. I like a bit of texture to accentuate the “full” feeling, but most of Tantus’s toys are quite smooth. It’s a minor quibble which doesn’t stop me from using or enjoying it.

The Flurry O2 is a fun toy, and at the time I’m writing this, Tantus has it back in stock. Remember, use ELIA15 at checkout to save 15%!

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