May is National Masturbation Month!

Ladies and gentlemen, the title says it all: today begins National Masturbation Month! This month-long holiday was started in 1995 by the incredible women behind Good Vibrations, and its popularity has been “on the rise” ever since.

Tom Hardy Winks and it's so fucking hot my panties fall off

I think everyone should have a hobby, and masturbation is a good one. I want to see masturbation normalized instead of stigmatized in culture and literature, and for my part, I always include masturbation scenes in my books. Masturbation is fun, healthy, and sexy, and I’m happy to devote my blog this month to singing its praises.

Tina Fey has some great advice:

Tina Fey says "go fuck yourself"

This month, my blog will be celebrating all things self-love. I might post sex toy reviews, fun facts about this fine pastime, or snippets of masturbation scenes from my books. I’m also going to be doing Twitter surveys which you can find at my twitter account or by following #MasturbationMonth.

Speaking of which, here’s today’s survey:

If you’re not sure how much masturbating to do this month, heed the wise words of Han Solo:

Han Solo says "All of It"

If you’ve got a suggestion for how we can celebrate National Masturbation Month here on the blog, let me know in the comments. In the meantime, happy solo-sex time to you!

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