That’s a Plus: Kistoy Polly Plus Review

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This Kistoy Polly Plus review looks at a toy that’s a vibrator and a clit sucker in one, sporting a pleasant aesthetic and a solid motor. I’m always in the market for new clit suckers, of course, but they have to live up to what I’ve come to expect and rely on from the industry. Aside from a few minor quibbles, the Polly Plus is an enjoyable toy with versatility.

Out of the Box

The Polly Plus comes in a lovely red box with gold accents and a cartoon woman with a 1970s vibe, which I really love.

Polly Plus box

When you open it up and unpack your components, here’s what you get.

Polly plus with bag and charging cable

Inside the box is the toy, a gray satin storage pouch, the charging cable, instruction, and a black warranty card that looks really sleek and fancy. My only quibble, and it was worth noting, was that the instructions were not in English. I don’t know if my box wasn’t originally for sale in the US, but I’m hoping it’s an oversight that will be remedied for anyone in the states who orders one. I was able to find

The Polly Plus itself is a soft orange-red silicone toy. It has a smooth handle and a raised oval head.

There’s just the one button to control all the Polly Plus’s functions, and there’s a magnetic attachment point on the back for charging.

Magnetic charging attachment point

The Polly Plus is completely waterproof, and it has three clit-sucking intensities and ten vibration patterns.

Into and Onto My Box

Because my Polly Plus instructions were not in English, I had to do some problem solving to figure out the controls of this toy. (There’s also info on the website.) Turning the toy on (by holding the power button) gets you into the lowest of three clit sucking levels, and if you keep pushing the button it cycles through those three. To get to the vibration menu, you have to push the button twice very quickly, and that opens up the vibration patterns. The Polly Plus does not vibrate and suck at the same time.

In my early experimenting, I realized that the Polly Plus’s vibrator was not super useful while holding the head on my clit. The vibrator is too far down the body of the handle. But fortunately, that’s an insertable handle. It’s made for g-spot or internal stimulation. Inserting the handle gives pretty strong internal vibrations, although they’re more buzzy than rumbly. I do prefer the clit sucking, though, and went that route.

The clit sucking function on the Polly Plus is very strong. With only three settings, there’s no room for mediocrity, and this toy just goes for it. The lowest level is a bit higher than I would normally choose, but it’s still workable even for my sensitive anatomy. The upper levels of intensity were beyond my interest but would be great for those who like higher intensity.

I had no trouble getting off from the clit sucker function. I enjoyed the vibrator but treated it more as a warmup feature. If you prefer vibration, you may feel differently.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a lovely aesthetic. The Polly Plus is a sex toy that doesn’t look overtly like a sex toy. The silicone coating keeps all parts of the toy body-safe while also making it pleasant to hold.

Kudos for 100% waterproofing, as it’s nice to be able to take toys into the bath or shower. Plus, waterproofing makes it easier to clean them.

Caveat: the vibrator function on the Polly Plus is buzzier than I would like. It’s strong, but it’s not particularly rumbly, so you end up with surface vibrations.

Kudos and Caveats at the same time: the one-button functionality is simple, but having to switch between vibration and clit sucking with the double-tap is a bit of a pain. Having to keeping hitting the button to cycle through all the vibration options is also a pain. At least that double-tap brings you back to clit sucking quickly.

Another kudos/caveat combo: the clit sucker function is strong, but with only three settings, there’s less finesse between levels.

Caveat: you have to choose between vibration and clit sucking rather than getting to have both at the same time.

Kudos for a clit sucker with a handle so it’s easier to position.

Caveat: This toy is supposedly heated, but I couldn’t tell. I don’t know if my own body heat is high enough that I didn’t notice, or it wasn’t a very strong heating element, but I didn’t even realize it was supposedly heated until doing my research on the product features. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but don’t buy it specifically for the heating element.

Kudos for volume, or shall I say lack of volume. The Polly Plus is very quiet.

Kudos for the price point, which at $70 is neither cheap nor overpriced but is definitely reasonable for the quality of the product.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the Kistoy Polly Plus. It’s not necessarily breaking any new ground in terms of sex toys, but the dual function clit sucker allows you to use this toy in several different ways, and that’s great. The toy is sleek, lovely, and functional, and it’s a good choice for folks uncertain about venturing into the world of clit sucker toys, since you can always use it as a vibrator. That’s a plus for me.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. The fact that this is a sponsored post does not affect the honesty of my review. Affiliate links are not being used in this post.

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