Juntame Lilian Review: Here For The Party

I review a lot of elegant toys, toys of subtlety and nuance…and I also review some sex toys more direct and to the point. The Juntame Lilian falls into the latter category. This g-spot vibrator with a licking tongue and wildly gyrating shaft is here for a shock and awe campaign on your nether regions, and friends, it’s good at its job.

First Impressions

The packaging of the Juntame Lilian is simple and friendly.

Juntame Lilian outer box, in pastels with the product name

It’s done in minimalist pastel tones, nothing offensive or garish.

Open the box, and here’s the Lilian: less minimalist.

lilian in box on black foam

This toy comes in several colors, and I got purple.

Lilian with charging cable

The Lilian comes with a simple charging cable and basic instructions, but it’s easy enough to figure out on your own. Here are some shots of the toy from different angles so you can see the shaft dimensions and the licking tongue.

The Juntame Lilian is controlled by two buttons on the clitoral stimulator end (obviously, since the other end goes inside).

Two buttons

The picture above also shows a bit of the magnetic attachment point for charging.

The two buttons control the licking tongue and the gyrating shaft, which can be controlled independently.

To get a sense of the shaft’s movement, you should definitely check out the product purchase page. The amount of animated spiraling shafts dancing all over that page reminds me of an early 2000s Geocities site covered with animated figures, but it’s also cheerful in an odd sort of way.

It’s got a lot going on, so let’s talk about its effectiveness.

In Use

Folks, this toy gets the job done, and fast. The gyrating shaft provides pleasant internal stimulation, even just on the lowest setting. (You can pick low, medium, or high for the rotation speed.) The outside of the toy did move a bit in counterpoint to the internal rotation, but it mostly stayed put because of the leverage of the clitoral arm.

The tongue/clitoral stimulator vibrates and also licks. The licking is not slow or subtle. You can choose ten different speeds and patterns, but even the lowest ones are somewhat fast and intense. It’s a vibration that translates into a licking motion. If this were just a vibrator, I’d find it buzzy and unpleasant. But since it’s actually a little silicone flappy bit, I think it’s excellent. The direct stimulation over my clitoris is much nicer than buzzy vibration, and combined with the rotation of the shaft, this toy got me over the edge in minutes. It’s like speed-running an orgasm, and I’m here for it.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a combo attack that works like a charm. The choice of a toy with movement over just vibration works well for me: the shaft rotates and the tongue licks, rather than either end just vibrating. I love this.

Kudos for waterproofing. Enjoy shower play or fun time in the bathtub? Take the Lilian along.

Caveat: I wish the toy came with a storage bag. I hate tossing a toy just willy-nilly into my toy storage.

Kudos for a variety of intensities, even if they do tend to all be a bit on the intense side. Not everyone needs subtlety. Just go for it.

Caveat: The website depicts using the licking part of this toy for anal stimulation. You definitely can do this, but please remember to wash the toy thoroughly between any kind of anal and vaginal use.

Kudos for the price point. At $59, this is an accessible product to many purchasers. But even better! Use the discount code EW30 to get 30% off! (That’s EW for Elia Winters, not for “Ew gross.”) At 30% off, this toy is an absolute steal.

Kudos: This is a small thing, but it matters: the website describes this as a toy for people with vulvas, not explicitly women. THANK YOU! Trans people use sex toys too, and gender essentialist language limits how comfortable people feel. I didn’t look throughout the Juntame site to see if this was consistent everywhere, but the Lilian page was written this way, and I’m grateful.

Final Thoughts

The Juntame Lilian isn’t the most elegant or sleek toy in the world, but damn, it makes me come hard, and that’s what I want most in a sex toy. It’s here to rotate and lick clits and it’s gonna do both those things with gusto. At this cost, it’s a worthy addition to anyone’s toy chest. You can get the Lilian right from the Juntame website.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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