VR Sex: New Virtual Frontiers

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VR Goggles, presumably for some hot VR sex

With the advancement in technology, we now have VR headsets that allow us to create experiences from the comfort of our own homes.

This has extended to the adult industry. VR porn is quickly becoming one of the hottest categories in the business, giving watchers the opportunity to be in part of the scenes themselves.

This article is going to focus around VR sex and provide a guide to giving you the best possible experience.

How to Watch VR Porn

First and foremost, you are going to need to have a VR headset. Without one, the scenes just become standard POV. There are multiple headsets on the market depending on how you want to immerse yourself in the scene.

You can simply set up a cardboard headset which makes use of your smartphone’s screen, or you can just enjoy the action from your computer screen.

It’s highly recommended that you take advantage of the 5K VR porn resolutions and touch control bonuses, but even in its least immersive form, adult entertainment in virtual reality is better than the bland 2D action.

The simple fact that you can look around the room and benefit from a 180 or even 360 degree field of view brings an unprecedented sense of realism that will make you wish you’d never return to the old ways.

From here, decide on how you want to watch. Do you want to stream the video or download it to your device?

Downloading offers better immersion and the best image quality you can achieve, but it also requires more bandwidth and a whole heap of storage space. It also means you have to wait for the files to fully download to get started.

Conversely, if you think you’ll be mostly streaming VR porn scenes, then you’ll not get quite as good an experience, but there also aren’t those other downsides, either.

Some sites offer discounted memberships for streaming-only access too, so you save a bit of time as well as money.

One of the best things about VR porn is that the quality of the scenes keeps getting better and better. It would be fair to say that every new scene that gets released is better than anything that was already out there.

Multiple Perspectives

Part of the secret can be found in the multiple perspectives from which you can enjoy the films: you can be the lead character who gets involved in the action from a POV perspective, or you can simply imagine you’re a just fly on the wall while your favorite actors and actresses perform in front of your very eyes.

The magic of VR is that you can transcend roles and genders; for one scene you could be the guy nailing the girl, the next you could be a lesbian lover getting her fair share of action. There are so many choices and provides the ultimate sex experience (aside from sex itself!)

There’s tons of content for straight males, but women, transgender people, and members of the LGBTQ+ community also get to have their own happy corners of pure enjoyment. Virtual reality is for everyone, and this is just the beginning of the revolution.

A True Erotic Experience

As you’ll find in time… when you watch VR Porn (shot from POV) most of the time, you forget what it feels like to “watch” it. You forget the pleasure in “watching” helplessly with envy as some other guy fucks the hot chick.

Because you’re “doing” it all the time.

Think about it: today you have the opportunity to be with some of the hottest guys and girls out there in virtual reality porn. Not only you get to see them in 3 Dimensions and “feel” like you’re inside the same room with them (and that is HUGE in itself) but you also get to touch them, kiss them and have sex with them first hand.

Watching 2D porn can be extremely hot in itself but most importantly, it can elevate your inevitable personal experience with her in 3D to new heights.

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