A Girl’s Best Friend: Twenty One Vibrating Diamond Review

Pardon the gendered language, but it’s hard to pass up a perfectly good Marilyn Monroe reference. My Vibrating Diamond review is specifically about a product called Twenty One, a diamond-shaped vibrator from Bijoux Indiscrets. This is a charming vibrator with good functionality and a non-intimidating shape to provide many different types of stimulation.

Out of the Box

The Twenty One comes in a sleek gold box with a log on the front and an image of the product and description on the back. It is highly reflective, making it quite challenging for me to get good photos where I don’t show up. You’ll notice I have varying degrees of success with this endeavor.

Inside the outer box is another box, a black box that looks like it will hold jewelry. Fitting, yes?

Black main box

Open this box and you’ll see the Twenty One, sitting there just like a big honkin’ diamond in a jewelry heist movie.

twenty one in box

The Twenty One comes with a satin storage bag, a charger, and instructions.

Twenty one with accessories

Now let me show you the actual vibrator in a bit more detail. Because this toy has a mirrored surface, you get little kaleidoscope images of me and my hands throughout. Enjoy.

The Twenty One has one button, and that’s used to turn the toy on as well as cycle through its intensities and patterns. There are three vibration intensities and seven patterns.

In order to charge the Twenty One, you unscrew the top, as demonstrated in the last photo in the gallery above. There’s a spot to plug in the charger, and then the Twenty One blinks as it charges.

It’s cute, right? My husband saw the Twenty One sitting on my nightstand, and we had the following exchange:

Him: What’s that giant diamond on your nightstand?
Me: It’s a vibrator.
Him: It looks like something Keeley would own.

Awesome Juno Temple GIF by Apple TV

I agree, Husband. I agree.

(And if you’re not watching Ted Lasso, what are you even doing with your life?)

Onto My Box

I charged up the Twenty One vibrating diamond and tried out all the various vibration intensities and patterns.

The Twenty One is a slightly rumbly, moderately buzzy vibrator. It’s definitely more buzzy than rumbly, which is a bit of a disappointment, since I was hoping for rumblier. But it’s got some good potency and it didn’t leave me itchy. I appreciate that.

The diamond shape means there are a few different ways to use it. I tried the flat surface, the edge, and the point. For me personally, the point was the best option, since I prefer pinpoint stimulation. The edge was also pretty good. I didn’t find that the flat surface was very useful at all, but I think folks would enjoy it if they prefer broader stimulation.

While I often use my vibrators hands-free, the broad shape of the diamond meant that this toy was better used hands-on. I liked being able to move the point back and forth over the exact spots that worked for me. While you can theoretically insert the base of the diamond into the vagina, I didn’t particularly find that stimulating, and preferred using this as a clitoral vibrator.

I found the Twenty One easy to hold and use, with only a single button to keep track of — although I did keep losing that button and having to run my fingers around the surface to find it again. Even so, I liked the simplicity of its form and design. It was easy to get off with and decently quiet, and the vibrations were strong enough to be effective.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos, first of all, to the adorable design and packaging. The Twenty One vibrating diamond makes me smile every time I see it on my nightstand. I know the black satin bag is designed for storage, but I find myself wanting to display it instead in its jewelry box even though that takes up far too much room to justify it. The design also means it’s very non-threatening for folks who are new to the world of vibrators.

More kudos to waterproofing: you can use the Twenty One in the bath or shower. This is ideal for folks who prefer more of a watery excursion or can’t get privacy anywhere else in their house.

Kudos for quietness. This is a pretty quiet vibrator. The advertising says “silent,” though, and that’s definitely not true. You can’t really hear it under covers, but if you turn it on in a quiet room, folks will hear it.

Another set of kudos for the price point. At $60, it’s not the cheapest vibrator out there, but it’s within the range of entry level pricing for most quality vibrators.

Caveat: I wish this vibrator were rumbly instead of quite so buzzy. The vibrations don’t transmit as deeply as I’d like, and that’s unfortunate. It’s my main quibble with what’s otherwise a great product.

Caveat: when you unscrew the lid to charge, there is a very thin clear o-ring gasket that fits neatly into the ridge at the edge of the face. I’m sure this is essential to waterproofing. It would be very easy to lose that ring without realizing it and make the waterproofing non-effective. I wish you didn’t have to unscrew the face to charge the toy.

Final Thoughts

The Twenty One vibrating diamond from Bijoux Indiscrets is an adorable vibrator that works very well. It’s a delightful addition to anyone’s nightstand and a perfect gift for a friend or partner. With its non-intimidating, penis-free design, it’s an ideal introduction to the world of vibrators.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits this blog.

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