MSOUL ART O-Ring Collar Review

Today I’m on the blog reviewing the MSOUL ART O-Ring Collar, and I’m excited about this product and this overall collaboration. I love the opportunity to work with new-to-me companies, especially companies specializing in BDSM products. While most of what I review falls explicitly in the “sex toy” category, devoted readers of the blog know that I’m a kinkster myself and I love getting to review kink gear. This is my first review for MSOUL ART, but it hopefully won’t be my last.

First Impressions

The O-Ring Collar arrived packaged in a simple branded box thanking me for my purchase.

Outer box with company branding and thanks

Inside was the O-Ring Collar along with a matching leash.

The collar is soft black leather with a simple buckle in the back and an o-ring in the front. The detail of the o-ring is really lovely.

The leash matches the collar with a basic black leather handle and a long gold chain. The gold chain has a simple push-clasp for attachment.

I was immediately impressed with the feeling of these items in hand, and so I tried them out to see how they functioned.

In Use

The O-Ring Collar is easy to put on and take off, and the leather itself is comfortable to wear despite being a little stiff out of the box. (Insert pun here.) The edges are soft, not cutting or rubbing on my skin at all, even when I moved my head about. There were enough attachment points on the buckle that I felt it would fit a variety of neck sizes comfortably. It’s a fairly light collar, comfortable without additional weight.

The leash attaches easily, without needing to finagle a tiny clasp. You can just push it against the O-ring to fasten it. The chain has a pleasant weight without being heavy.

Both the collar and leash feel like quality products out of the box and on the body. I never felt like I was wearing something that was about to fall apart or wouldn’t hold up to use. The look and feel are excellent.

Who Should Buy This?

I want to preface this section by saying it’s easy to break the bank on kink gear. Much of it is handcrafted and specialty-made, and there are some people who get very hung up on having the outward trappings of the most expensive stuff on the market.

MSOUL ART is not catering to the holier-than-thou kinksters who want every piece of gear to be artisan-crafted by hand in the Swiss Alps. Their website’s about page asserts that they’re “dedicated to creating high quality kink gear that normal budgets can afford.” I think that mission is reflected in the O-Ring Collar, which is incredibly affordable on sale at $24.99 right now.

This product is a great choice for people who are just getting started in kink and want to play with collars and leashes, but maybe aren’t sure if it’s for them. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars if you don’t know if you’ll like something. This is also a great choice for unpartnered kinky people who want to wear a collar for their own solo play and don’t have one yet. I’d also recommend this collar to kinksters who want to have multiple collars, perhaps in multiple locations or for travel, without spending a fortune. Perhaps most of all, the O-Ring Collar is an excellent choice for people who understand that kink is not about having the most expensive gear, but about the meaning of wearing it.

Final Thoughts

I appreciate the entire philosophy behind MSOUL ART, and I really liked the O-Ring Collar. It’s a quality product priced for entry-level purchase, and the value is much greater than the price tag would imply. Don’t be fooled by the cheapness! If you want a collar and you don’t have one, this is a great choice for you. You can get the O-Ring Collar directly through MSOUL ART.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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