Indigo Foxtail Review: The Ninth Day of Dicksmas

Happy New Year, folks! I’m writing this Indigo Foxtail Review for the ninth day of Dicksmas, and the first Dicksmas post of the new year. I’m still in the Dicksmas spirit, and I hope you are, too. Spank Academy’s Indigo Foxtail is way more fun than I expected, and I was expecting fun.

Background Info

As a member of a kink chat room on Kik, I have become the resident sex toy expert. Even the guy who runs the room sends people to me when they come with sex toy questions. One of the room members asked me if I had any information about The Spank Academy, a small retailer specializing in tail plugs and other kink accessories. I couldn’t find out much, except their website looked reputable and they seemed to be a legitimate small company. So I wrote to them and asked about reviewing one of their tails, and they graciously let me choose any tail to try.

See, I’ve never owned a tail before. Pet play and fur play isn’t my thing, kink-wise, but I like the aesthetics of tails. They’re cute. They’re soft. They go in your butt. These are all things I’m into! So even though I’m not interested in animal play, I’ve always wanted to get myself a tail.

I haven’t known where to purchase, though. There are a number of small shops on Etsy, and a bunch on ebay that are clearly overseas, and an endless variety on Amazon. I thought about going through etsy, but I definitely didn’t want to order from a random overseas company via ebay or Amazon. Quality control is negligible when you go that route. I want to know that the sex toys I purchase are high quality and safe for my body, and I can’t feel comfortable doing that with a no-name company.

My hope was that the tail from The Spank Academy would turn out to be as good as it looked online. Spoiler alert: it was!

Decisions, Decisions

Choosing a tail was definitely the hardest part. They have a wide assortment of fox tails dyed all different colors, as well as bunny tails and small animal tails (mink, raccoon, and sable). I knew I wanted a fox tail, because those (to me) are the prettiest. Because I have pink hair, I wanted a tail that would match my hair, so I settled on an indigo fox tail dyed pale pink. Here is how that tail is pictured on their website:

Picture of indigo fox tail dyed light pink from Spank Academy website. Tail is pink with black accents and attached to a stainless steel plug.
Photo courtesy of The Spank Academy

Pretty, right?

Their fox tails come in a variety of lengths, but I left the choice up to the Spank Academy folks. The next choices I had to make were about the plug itself. You can choose the type of plug and material.

Plug options, showing two shapes of silicone plugs in three sizes each plus three sizes of steel plugs.
Photo courtesy of The Spank Academy

The measurements for all the plugs appear on their site. For each plug type and size, they tell the length, circumference at widest point, insertable length, and weight. I knew I wanted stainless steel, because I prefer to use silicone lube with my anal toys. You can’t use silicone lube with silicone toys. Determining the size choice was harder. Info about circumference is less useful to me than diameter, so I plugged the info into a calculator to determine the diameter of the various plugs. I compared these measurements to the measurements online of the njoy plug, since I had the medium nJoy, and from that info, chose the medium stainless steel plug.

Out of the Box

My package arrived discreetly in a long cardboard box that had no identifying features. It didn’t say that it was coming from “The Spank Academy,” either. I didn’t even realize what it was until I opened it and excitedly announced, “MY TAIL IS HERE!” to the whole house.

The tail came neatly wrapped in some purple tissue paper with a page of instructions for its care. Once unwrapped, it was clear how gorgeous this tail was.

Pink and black foxtail on purple tissue paper

The color is hard to tell on the tissue paper so here it is on my white comforter.

indigo foxtail on bed

The tail was thick and soft, not at all flimsy, and the color was rich and vibrant. Well, I mean, I chose a light color on purpose. So, it was vibrant for the color it was supposed to be. Here is a shot of me holding the tail itself so you can see how thick the fur is.

Holding the foxtail, my thumb fully immersed in the fur

The color is pretty much exactly as pictured on the website, light pink with black accents. It’s really lovely.

The plug was wrapped in tissue paper, a thin foam wrap, and a black velvet bag for protection. That’s a nice bit of care. Nobody wants their stainless steel butt plug clanking around in the sex toy drawer with no protection, right?

Once I took the plug out of the bag, though, I realized it is… quite a bit bigger than I expected.

Stainless steel plug end of tail resting on bed Plug in hand, with fingers wrapped around it for scale
Stainless steel plug in hand, but closer, showing its size more clearly Stainless steel plug in hand, showing shape and size

This is where I realized that I apparently do not have the medium nJoy plug! It seems… I must have the small nJoy? Because side by side, my measurements do not line up.

Steel plug next to nJoy plug, showing that the steel plug is much larger

This is a complete mea culpa. I should have realized I don’t have the medium nJoy, which I used as my reference. The measurements from the Spank Academy site were accurate, and it was me who didn’t bother to do her own measurements. So… surprise! I now have a tail on a much, much larger plug than I expected. I have, however, taken larger things than this into my bum, so I wasn’t that concerned.

Into My Box

Let me talk about the plug first. The design of this type of steel plug is such that once it’s inserted, it’s not going anywhere. The long, narrow neck and the wide bulb serve to keep the toy seated firmly, which is ideal for a tail. I didn’t want it falling out when I moved. Well, rest assured, this plug was not going anywhere.

Although the plug is not small, the gradual taper means it wasn’t too difficult to insert. I used silicone lube, but not too much, because I didn’t want any to get into the fur of the tail. The good news about silicone lube is that a little goes a long way. Once seated, the plug was very comfortable.

I tend to avoid plugs that have round bases, because I find that those bases are often too large and they press uncomfortably into the skin around my ass. I have been a fan of nJoy because of their “flat loop” style of handle, and many other companies have made the shift to t-shaped or flat handles as well. As you all know, the base of the plug must be flared to keep it from slipping all the way into your ass. Well, because of the combination of narrow neck + attached tail, the base of this plug is large enough to keep the plug from slipping in, but not so large that it’s uncomfortable. I couldn’t feel the base at all once the plug was inserted.

I might feel differently for prolonged wear, which is why they now offer T-shaped stainless steel bases with detachable tails. That’s a great option.

The Tail

I was not expecting the tail to be anything but unusual. I figured it might be a bit cute, and a fun novelty, but since I don’t have any accompanying pet play kinks, I didn’t expect anything beyond that. Well, folks, I was pleasantly surprised. I still don’t have any pet play kinks, but the actual sensation of a tail was really fun. Long enough to brush my knees when standing, it was really swishy. I kept just swishing it back and forth.

I tried a variety of positions: standing, bending over, kneeling upright on the floor, down on all fours, kneeling with my hips up and chest down, etc. In all the positions, the tail had good swish and mobility. It was long enough that I could flip it up onto my back when kneeling, although it was much more comfortable hanging down.

Overall, this was a really fun tail to wear. I liked the sensation of wearing it, and I loved the sensory contact of the tail fur against the skin of my legs. I kept turning around to swish it in the mirror and laugh and how fun it was. This tail would be really fun to wear during a spanking, or sex, or while giving a blow job, or while cleaning the house. It’s sexy without being overtly sexual in its own right, except for the obvious detail that it goes in your bum.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers to The Spank Academy for a high-quality, beautiful product that actually looks like what they show on their website. Also, cheers for great flexibility in matching a tail to a whole variety of plug options.

Caveat: make sure you check the plug measurements well before you order, instead of being a doofus like me. Also, you’ll need to take care of your tail! Try to keep lube off the fur, and follow their instructions for cleaning.

Final Thoughts

I have wanted a tail for a while, but mostly as a novelty. I thought I might try it once and be satisfied. That said, I had a lot of fun wearing this and will definitely wear it again. This is not a “one and done” toy for me. For my readers who are into pet play, furry kink, or the like, this is a company you should keep bookmarked.

But for those of you who don’t have this kink, you should look into getting a tail anyway. The sensory experience is wonderful, with great tactile sensation and playful fun. You might surprise yourself.

So now, I highly recommend The Spank Academy. Their workmanship is high quality and you won’t be getting some random animal parts via ebay. I’m not an affiliate with them, so I’m not getting any commission for these links. If you decide to try them, though, please tell them I set you! They have more than just tails, so peruse their kink collection and indulge for the new year.

Let 2018 be the year of fun new things.

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