It’s All Good in the Hood: Some TMI about Hood Piercings

We’re a few days into National Masturbation Month now, and I figure it’s been a couple of weeks since my last TMI saga, so I wanted to talk about hood piercings on the blog today.

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Today’s gif:

Steve Carell moves his tongue in a very disturbing way
Behold a perfectly acceptable method for interacting with the clitoris.

Hood Piercings, or “Ooh, Shiny!”

Genital piercings have a reputation for being pretty terrifying. They are, after all, the result of someone pushing a piercing needle through your genitals. If that’s not your idea of a good time, well, who can blame you?

And yet I’ve wanted a hood piercing since I first learned what they were. These are often misknown as a “clit piercing,” but the clit piercing is way, way less common, since a) They are sticking a needle THROUGH THE CLITORIS, HOLY SHITBALLS NO and b) Most people aren’t anatomically suited for it and c) There is a much higher risk for complications. The hood piercing, though, pierces the clitoral hood, which is a thin membrane that covers the clitoral glans. This piercing is simple and straightforward.

Options include a Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) piercing, or a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing. A piercer will let you know if you’re suited to one or both, but most people who get the piercing choose VCH because of stimulation. The barbell on a VCH will generally have one ball that sits directly over the clitoris, which can provide a lovely bit of stimulation. That’s the one I have.

The piercing itself was quick, intense, and fast-healing. I was expecting pain, but I wasn’t expecting such intensity! It was surprising. I hollered. Afterward, though, there was a surprising lack of pain or soreness, although a serious dopamine rush for a couple of hours afterward. My piercer let me know that most hood piercings heal within two weeks or less, and that as long as I was careful, I could “take it out for a spin” that same day. (Which I totally did, of course.)

Some people have increased sensation, and some have no change in sensation. I’m one of the latter. I don’t feel it without direct contact, so it’s not like I’m going up and down stairs all atwitter. Healing was fast and simple. I had to sit with a hot chamomile teabag on my clit morning and night, which was hilarious to my husband, but I was all healed within a week. Crazy, considering my cartilage piercing took almost 8 weeks, but the female genitals are built to repair themselves quickly after trauma. Way to go, genitals.

The piercing is fun for multiple reasons. It’s beautiful, all sparkly and shiny. It’s a great surprise to unsuspecting sexual partners. It’s also a fun and sexy secret that only I know. Would I recommend it? Hell yes.

There are many other options for female genital piercings, all with varying degrees of intensity and considerations, but the hood piercing is by far the most common. If you’re considering it, do some research, find a good piercer, and maybe get some new sparkly hardware.

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