A TIED SCORE Preview: Masturbation Month Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of National Masturbation Month! Today, I’m sharing an excerpt featuring masturbation from another one of my novels. This time, you’re getting the first preview of Tied Score, Book 2 in the “Slices of PI” series, a BDSM erotic romance releasing on August 15, 2016.

First, though, last week’s survey results! When asked about your favorite time of the day for masturbation, 50% of you said “Anytime and all the time.” You’re people after my own heart.

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Partner sex doesn’t replace masturbation. Masturbation makes partner sex better.

And now, on to today’s feature!


Tied ScoreIris Parker never planned on ending up in HR because, let’s face it: HR isn’t the most glamorous position in the world. She took a comfortable job and always planned on leaving when something better came along, but before she knows it, she’s thirty and the HR director for PI Games. Even though she likes her coworkers, there’s no excitement in the job for her, and Iris is worried that she’ll lose her spark. Luckily, Iris’s romantic life provides some thrills—living the confirmed bachelor life, when she wants her bed warm, she can find company, and in her sights at the moment is the cute pastry chef at her favorite bakery.

Owen Hobbs has noticed the gorgeous businesswoman making eyes at him when she comes in for coffee and sweets, but he’s not the type of guy who dates much anymore. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t take long in his sporadic dating history to learn that most women aren’t interested in taking charge in bed, which is what he really craves. Working early mornings at the bakery keeps him from the nightlife where he might meet someone who can fulfill his needs, so he’s resigned himself to fantasies and pretty much given up on the dating scene altogether. But when Iris’s advances become too much to resist, Owen finds himself revealing his desire to be sexually dominated…the only question is, is she the right woman for the job?

TIED SCORE: An Excerpt

In this scene, Iris has recently learned that Owen is interested in sexual submission, and she’s begun thinking about what it would be like to dominate him.

Iris let a fantasy spin out in her mind’s eye and felt her body respond immediately. She didn’t know enough about dominance to have much to go on, but she could call on some stereotypes for the purpose of this fantasy. Owen would be kneeling. She liked that, the image of a man kneeling at her feet. Naked, of course. Maybe he’d wear a collar. She’d seen lots of images during her porn searches of women in collars. The thought of Owen, with his strong muscles and powerful physique, collared and submitting on his knees to her was . . . well, it was pretty fucking hot.

She began to brush one finger lightly over her clit as she continued setting the scene. What would she be wearing? She wasn’t into the whole “leather” thing, although maybe she could get into it if he liked it. No, she’d rather be in a business suit. A professional woman, the picture of class and business. With nothing under her skirt, of course. She would stand with her legs apart, and Owen would duck his head under her skirt and bury his mouth between her thighs, licking and sucking her clit exactly how she liked it. She switched from light touches across her clit to more firm rubbing, back and forth with two fingers, remembering the press of his tongue. She could suspend her disbelief enough to relish the light brush against her sensitive flesh and almost feel his hot breath there again.

Maybe he’d want her to tie him down. Yes, oh yes. She’d have him lick her until she was going weak in the knees, and then she’d lay him out on the bed and tie him down so he couldn’t move. Picturing him spread out beneath her, helpless and wide-eyed, had her already turned on so much that she was going to have to slow down or she’d come right then and there. She pictured his hard cock throbbing against his stomach, desperate for her touch, which she would obligingly provide.

In her mind, he would make all kinds of noises when she traced her fingers lightly over the head of his dick, barely brushing the skin. Probably delicious, throaty noises, like the ones she’d just begun to hear when he was beneath her earlier that day. That would be fun for a few minutes, but what she’d really want was to hear him beg. She pictured the way he would shift back and forth on the bed, restless with need. She’d need to tie him very securely so he couldn’t do more than twitch. Then she would grasp his shaft and work him over, slowly and steadily, bringing him right up where she wanted him. Not too far, though. This sort of experience couldn’t be rushed.

Iris shifted on the bed to give herself better access, bringing her other hand down to join the first. She spread her lips with one hand and continued rubbing back and forth over her clit with the other. When Owen was good and desperate, that was when she’d fuck him. Not for his pleasure, of course, but for hers. She would slide the condom on so slowly, making him squirm to know what was coming, and then ease herself down until he filled her. He filled her so very nicely, too, as she’d found out earlier that day. Maybe she would just sit like that, straddling his hips, with his hard cock all the way inside her, and rub herself to completion. He would have to watch, of course. She’d make him lie perfectly still, like she did earlier today, and then she’d take him in and out at the right angle to rub her G-spot. She could take her time with her clit, because there was no rush. He would have to wait for her.

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