Three-Way Split, RITA Finalist: Celebration and Contemplation

I’m so excited that Three-Way Split, first in the Comes In Threes series, is a finalist in the RITA® awards for Best Erotic Romance!

Cover for Three-Way Split, with a lovely sexy woman surrounded by two sexy men, everyone clearly about to get into sexytimes together
Three-Way Split: Book 1


As I discussed extensively in my previous post about this series, Three-Way Split was an immense challenge to write. I’ve never had a book take more drafts to complete, and for a long time, I wasn’t sure it would ever be done. After that, I wasn’t sure it would ever be sold! I’m grateful for Entangled Publishing taking a chance on this series, and especially for the editor of that book, Tera Cuskaden.

Sponsored by the Romance Writers of America®, the RITA awards are an annual award intended to recognize excellence in the romance community. I was a finalist in 2015 for Purely Professional, which finaled in the categories of Best Erotic Romance and Best First Book. Although I didn’t win, being a finalist was tremendously exciting, and I am honored to be a finalist once more.


A distinct pallor lies over this recognition, though, in light of the undeniable racism in the RITAs. I wrote the following on Facebook, and I hope my blog readers will take time to look at my post in its entirety:

Fellow white people, we are all biased. We are raised in a society founded on racism and that imbues us with racism. Denying the uncomfortable truth does us no services and actively hurts people of color. Confront and challenge your inherent biases. Stop being more worried about being called racist than you are about actual racism. I recommend the article Yes, You SHOULD Feel Uncomfortable About Not Liking Authors Of Color and the book White Fragility.

Please read Three-Way Split, and if you like it, please leave a review.

But also! Please follow WOC In Romance on Twitter or Facebook and read more romance books by diverse authors. Read, review, recommend.

I’m honored to be a RITA finalist. Also, I’m disappointed in my community for failing to honor the numerous deserving authors of color. I’m going to work hard to diversify my TBR list, and hope you do the same.

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