Honour Rubber Cuffs Review: Where The Rubber Meets The Wrists

I have my share of kinks, but I’ve never been into rubber the way some people are really into rubber. Nonetheless, I was surprised how much I liked the rubber wrist and ankle cuffs from Honour Clothing, a UK-based kink and fetish shop. This Honour rubber cuffs review celebrates the material I never thought I’d get into.

Background Info

Honour Clothing is a UK-based company that has a whole array of fun and kinky items. They have lots of kinky clothing: PVC, latex, leather, etc, as well as a wide assortment of sex toys, lingerie, and fetish gear. I’m going to say right away that these clothes don’t come in plus sizes. The UK 20-22 sizing is listed as a US 14-16, which they also label as 3X/4X, so no, this place definitely isn’t going to have any cute fetish clothing to fit me.

But they do have cuffs and sex toys. So when Honour got in touch offering to send me some rubber cuffs, I thought, why not? I like cuffs. I’m not especially into rubber, but I’ll at least check them out.

Out of the Box

Right away, as soon as I opened the shipping box, even before I opened the product boxes, I was confronted with an intense rubber smell. My living room suddenly reminded me of a tire store. I left them for a while, and the smell dissipated. It was probably just the rubberized air escaping from the closed-up shipping box.

The Honour rubber cuffs come in black and purple boxes with the product logo and an image. They sent me wrist and ankle cuffs as well as two heavy duty clips.

Honour cuffs in box

Out of their boxes, the cuffs are well-constructed out of rubber (obviously) with silver rivets and metal rings.

Honour cuffs on the bed

Here’s what a single cuff looks like all around.

You’ll notice (if you look closely) that the buckle has a small ring through which you could feed an equally small padlock, thereby padlocking these closed. Hot.

I was curious about the size difference between the wrist and ankle cuffs, and you can see in the picture below that the ankle cuffs (top) are a bit longer.

Ankle (top) and wrist (bottom) cuffs to show length comparison

Enough looking, right? Time to give them a try.

Cuffs In Action

I’m not new to cuffs, and I’ve had a few pairs in my time. My current set is leather with faux-fur lining, made by a local leathersmith. I like them a lot.

This rubber set, though, has some definite appeal.

One thing I immediately appreciated was the physical feeling of the rubber against my wrist. It’s almost soft, although the edges are stiff. It’s also got enough structure that I feel its pressure. Because it’s rubber, my wrist can’t easily slide around in them. And also, with the inherent flexibility of the material, I can streeeeeeeetch the cuff enough to get it just one notch tighter. I like the pressure, and I don’t like to feel that I’m about to wriggle out of my cuff.

I tried on the ankle cuffs as well, and had a similar experience. I enjoy the textural sensation as well as the structural durability of the cuffs.

I practiced cuffing them together (and to other points) and testing their craftsmanship. No give, no weak points, and a satisfying stability. These are good cuffs.

The cuffs also have a really nice sound of the metal rings hitting each other. I’m easily conditioned by sound, and the jingle of these cuffs matches the jingle of my collar. That’s fun.

And speaking of stability. That rubber smell? It’s not too unpleasant. I think, given enough opportunities to use these cuffs during some kinky bondage time, I could easy start getting turned on in tire stores.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers for sturdy, well-made cuffs. The workmanship and quality is undoubtedly high. They’re aesthetically beautiful, too.

More cheers for cuffs that you can padlock closed. I love the option of elevating my kink that way, even if it requires an additional dimension of attention for safety.

Cheers for having ankle cuffs that are actually bigger than the wrist cuffs.

Caveat: these smell like rubber because they are rubber, and it’s very possible the room where you keep them might smell like rubber, too.

Final Thoughts

The Honour rubber cuffs are high-quality, beautiful, and texturally satisfying. I am so glad I got to try them, and I know I’ll be returning to them for fun in the future. If you want to get some for yourself, Honour UK sells them in the bondage section of their website.

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