The Masturbation Month Recap

Folks, it’s June. This means that National Masturbation Month has come to a close. I know, I’m devastated, too, except in the way that June is closer to summer vacation and I love summer vacation.

Since we’re wrapping up National Masturbation Month, though, I wanted to recap the month for you.

Twitter Survey Results

Here’s what we learned from survey respondents in the world of masturbation.

  • You prefer to use multiple fingers or a vibrator to rub your clitoris, if you have a clitoris.
  • You masturbate at least 2-4 times a week, it takes you 10-15 minutes, and you’ve never been caught.
  • You own at least 4 sex toys.
  • You’ve never used a fruit or vegetable, though.
  • You had your first orgasm at age 13 or younger.
  • You prefer using a vibrator to using your hands when you masturbate.
  • You don’t have a preferred time of day to masturbate. Anytime and all the time works.
  • Now and then, you watch porn when you masturbate.
  • Sometimes you play with edging.
  • On occasion, you enjoy anal play.
  • You’ve never played with self-bondage.
  • When you masturbate, you think about normal stuff.
  • You’ve masturbated for a partner a couple of times.
  • You’ve masturbated to orgasm in public.
  • Under no circumstances would you give up a year’s orgasms.
  • You enjoy masturbation, but you prefer partner sex.

This is, of course, based on the most popular responses for each survey. Is there anyone for whom every bullet on this list is true? I would love to hear from you, you statistically average respondent.

Keep the Party Going

Just because it’s June doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating self-love. I’ve probably masturbated more in May than any other month, personally, because I’ve been writing an endless amount of erotic romance and all these blog posts. The combination is disastrous. Now that it’s June, I hate to give up all those orgasms! (For the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to ignore my own “permission required” situation, because I’ll explain it in my kink history which I will totally do this month, promise.)

Here are some techniques for continuing the celebration of National Masturbation Month:

  • Masturbate. Duh.
  • Buy yourself a new sex toy! Maybe something you’ve always wanted to try but that intimidates you a little bit.
  • Donate to a worthwhile sex-positive organization. I recommend the Foundation for Sex-Positive Culture or Planned Parenthood.
  • Educate yourself on sexuality. There’s a great list of sex-positive books on Goodreads.
  • Read some erotic romance! My books, sure, but there’s a lot of other great reading out there, too.

Got other ideas to keep the party going? Share them in the comments.

However you celebrate, remember that Masturbation Month is only in May, but masturbation itself is good all year long.

Nathan Fillian saying "Off come my pants."


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