Guest Post: Travel, Adventure, and Vibrator Awakenings

I’m always happy to host other sex toy reviewers getting into the industry. Today, Lena Vega from Utopia Sex Toys is here telling tales from her travels! If you enjoy this post, please visit her blog and follow her on social media. -Elia

By Lena Vega of Utopia Sex Toys

Long before my sex toy reviewer days I spent five years traveling, hitchhiking and wild camping my days away. It was an absolutely amazing nomadic existence, albeit a very lonely one at times. Although it all began on my own, I fell in love with a man along the way, and we spent the first year or so traveling together. It was bliss in some ways, and absolute hell spending 24 hours a day with the same person, living in a tiny tent next to each other. Needless to say after a year we were pretty done with each other. So we split.

Lena hitchhiking

Suddenly I was in this whole new world of travel; as I’d met him at the very beginning, I didn’t really know what I was doing on my own. I fumbled along, learning to travel around by myself. Soon, though, I realized something huge was lacking in my life.


I was insanely sex starved, rarely having the money to even stay at hostels where I could meet people. I’d long since tossed my crappy $20 bullet vibrator – my first ever vibe that lasted me half a decade or so. It was pitiful, but it did the trick, at least when I was young and inexperienced (and barely knew what an orgasm was). Alas, it was dead and gone by this time.

Eventually I found myself spending an entire summer at a very strange campground in northern Minnesota. The place was aimed at swingers and nudists, and was inclusive of everyone from all backgrounds. Hell, one part of the campground was affectionately named by its residents “Homo Heights”. It was a cool place with the most openminded people I have ever met.

So when I started asking around about what vibrator to buy, they were all on it to help me. No one was bashful or weird about talking about sex toys. This was just normal in this glorious campground that was anything but normal.

I discussed with a ton of people, explaining how I needed intense clit stimulation to get off. I rarely had orgasms with my partners, as even the guys who did put in an effort to play with my clit just didn’t have the power that a proper vibrator would. Meanwhile, I didn’t even know the power of a good vibrator; I thought those were orgasms I was having. They weren’t.

It was quickly decided that I’d get the rechargeable model of the Magic Wand. I ordered it and excitedly waited for it to arrive. Now remember, I had only owned one sex toy before this, and it was a tiny and crappy little bullet vibe. So I did not expect the wand to be the size of my forearm.

Although a little intimidated with the size of the Magic Wand, I gave it a test run. Oh. My. God. So that’s what an orgasm is supposed to feel like! Suddenly, at age 27, I was having real orgasms. I was sold: the Magic Wand was the most amazing vibrator in the world. Hands down.

The fact was, though, I hadn’t tried any other proper sex toys. As time went on my loneliness sunk in. I had a sexual release in that I could have powerful orgasms, but I had no one to share them with. On the flipside, on the occasion that I did meet someone and have sex they could rarely get me off. My choices were orgasm alone, or occasionally have crappy real sex. They weren’t the best options.

Of course I met many attractive men on my travels, and was still in touch with a lot of them. Sometimes I’d find myself sexting with an old fling, or if I had the internet power and privacy having the odd Skype sex session. What the people at the campground neglected to tell me – or, more likely, had no idea about – was the We-Vibe line of products.

Now, I didn’t try We-Vibe until my travels had ended, and I have mixed feelings on We-Vibe vibrators. I won’t claim that this company makes more powerful vibrators than the Magic Wand; they don’t. Even the Wand by We-Vibe – although it has a leg up on the Magic Wand by being waterproof – can’t quite reach the top speed of the Magic Wand. (I compare the We-Vibe Wand’s top speed to the third of the four speeds on the Magic Wand rechargeable model.)

The magical thing about We-Vibe isn’t the power of their products, but the ability to control (most) of them via app… from anywhere. The We-Connect app is pretty freakin’ cool. Connect your favourite We-Vibe toy (erm, or your second favourite, seeing as my fav is the Tango bullet vibrator, and sadly it is not compatible), and your world is opened to a ton of new patterns. You can even use your fingers on the screen to adjust the intensity and patterns. The coolest feature on the app is something called feel the beat, where you can connect your favourite song – either using a song in your phone or the external mic – and the vibrator will go along to the beat of the song. I mean, does it do much more for me, orgasm wise? Not at all. Is it cool as hell? Yes, yes it is.

Although very neat, the fact that the app gives you more possibilities pattern wise is not what intrigued me. To be honest, I’m not much into patterns. I prefer a steady strong vibration on my clit. So the app was cool to me, but not terribly useful. That is until you factor in the next part: once you connect, you can invite anyone anywhere to hook up to your toy.

That’s right, suddenly Skype sex with an old fling across the world just got a lot more exciting. Even times when my internet is crap and a video call wouldn’t be possible, sexting and sending sexy Snapchats just got a whole lot more exciting.

Unfortunately, I first found We-Vibe at a rather inconvenient time; I had just started dating someone who I would end up being in a toxic relationship with for two years. We weren’t having any sex, and we lived together. There was no place for We-Vibe or its glorious app.

But then we split up, and a couple of months later social distancing came into place. All of a sudden I had all of these We-Vibe toys – some of which I loved, others of which could be thrown in the trash for all I cared – that I could use to play with guys who weren’t here. Seeing as everyone was trapped inside and sex starved, life suddenly got more exciting.

And so, I write this from my bedroom in isolation, not having seen anyone but my roommate in weeks. And once I type the final words, I’m hopping on Skype, connecting my Wand by We-Vibe (it may not be as powerful as the Magic Wand, but its powerful enough to love anyways!), and having some remote fun with an old fling across the world. It’s the best of every world to me: I get a powerful orgasm, but someone else is still controlling it. He has the power, and it’s up to him to decide when I get there. But when I do, it’ll be a thousand times better.

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