Knot of the Day: Handcuff Knot

In preparation for the Playing Knotty Cover Reveal this Monday, I bring you your first Knot of the Day!

The Handcuff Knot:

Now, this knot may be used by firefighters, but that’s not what we’re here for. The Handcuff Knot is a simple, fun knot to use in light bondage. It’s one of my favorites for self-bondage, since it’s not hard to untie and it has all the sensation of being bound with minimal effort. You can accidentally tighten this too tight, but a little work with the teeth loosens it right up.

Remember, with self-bondage, safety first: stick with simple ties that you can get out of, always have scissors nearby for emergency rescues, and never obstruct your breathing in conjunction with your bondage.

Now go have fun with the Handcuff Knot!

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