Knot of the Day: Cat’s Paw

In preparation for the Playing Knotty Cover Reveal on Monday, I bring you your second Knot of the Day!

Cat’s Paw

I love that I’m embedding a video from a channel called GunsKnivesSurvival. And yes, the Cat’s Paw is a great hitch for tying stuff to other stuff… and for tying people to stuff. When you watch this video, imagine the string is much bigger… a rope, for instance, and the allen wrench is actually a wrist. Or an ankle. This isn’t a tie you use to tie someone’s hands together; rather, you use this to tie a limb to a stationary object. The Cat’s Paw is lovely because it’s not really a knot – it’s just a bunch of twists. It’s easy to loosen or untie (if you’re not the one currently tied up!) and a great tie for some spread-eagle fun.

Go enjoy the Cat’s Paw, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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