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Combustion is going full “steam” ahead…

Hello, folks! I’m please to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Samhain Publishing for Combustion, my Steampunk erotic romance! Samhain is a wonderful publishing company with an open-minded attitude toward a wide range of romance and erotica, and I’m really looking forward to working with them. Stay tuned for more information, which will always be posted… Read more Combustion is going full “steam” ahead…

Putting the Steam in “Steampunk”

Howdy, blog! Purely Professional is out in the world, making people happy and horny and curious about their next door neighbors and the potential of remote-control vibrators. What’s been happening in the meantime? Well, for one, my agent has been shopping around Combustion, which is a Steampunk erotic romance. We’ve been getting some offers, which is… Read more Putting the Steam in “Steampunk”

Welcome to guest author Elodie Parkes!

A special welcome today to guest author Elodie Parkes, whose erotic contemporary paranormal romance Forever Blue is now available from Hot Ink Press. She’s here today to tell us what inspired the novel and share an excerpt. ‘Forever Blue,’ my December 20 release with Hot Ink Press, was inspired by the woodland near where I live.… Read more Welcome to guest author Elodie Parkes!

“Longest Night Of The Year” List Of Hot People

Today is the winter solstice, also known as Yule, and subsequently the longest night of the year. In honor of that fact, I thought I’d post a list of some hot people with whom I’d love to spend any long night. Consider it an early Christmas gift, if that’s your holiday of choice. I tried… Read more “Longest Night Of The Year” List Of Hot People

Why I’ll Always Get My Hopes Up

I’m an incurable optimist. I try the front row in the parking lot at the mall during Christmas season. I call in during radio sweepstakes. I believe that people are inherently good, tomorrow is another day, and everything will ultimately turn out well. People sometimes think this means I’m not realistic, that I live in… Read more Why I’ll Always Get My Hopes Up

Fanfiction: The Controversy And The Love Story

Few topics inspire such hot debate among writers as fanfiction. If you don’t know, fanfiction is the practice of writing stories starring characters from other media: television shows, movies, comic books, novels, etc. As a fanfiction reader (and erstwhile writer), I wanted to blog about this topic and explore both its controversies and its appeal.… Read more Fanfiction: The Controversy And The Love Story