SINGLE PLAYER Sneak Preview for National Masturbation Month

In honor of National Masturbation Month, I’ve been sharing some hot solo-sex scenes from my books. Today, I’m going to give you the first sneak preview from Single Player, Book 3 in the “Slices of Pi” series, an m/m erotic romance releasing September 26, 2016.

First, yesterday’s survey results! While 33% of respondents would give up a year’s orgasms for millions of dollars, 59% said “Hell no!” So let’s do some math. Considering a previous survey said most respondents masturbate at least 2-4 times per week, let’s assume 3 orgasms per week, or an average of 156 orgasms per year. Rounding up to 160, if you wouldn’t trade your orgasms for a million dollars, each orgasm is worth more than $6250 to you. That, my friends, is a pretty damn good ROI for something that generally takes less than a half hour of your time.


Single Player

Matthew Abrams finally has the life he’s always wanted—a promising career as a programmer at PI Games, a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood, and a thriving social life. And he’s perfectly content until he has a one-night stand with Silas Benson, a biomedical engineer with a charitable side to boot. Suddenly Matthew is doubting his life choices and worrying he might not be living up to his full potential.

Silas Benson doesn’t have time for much else outside of work, and that’s how he’s always liked it. As a biomedical engineer, he’s at the cutting edge of advances in the field, and he’s not going to waste his life partying when he could be doing actual good in the world. After a one-night stand at his friend’s twenty-fifth birthday party, though, Silas feels his focus shifting toward a certain tall, dark, and handsome almost-stranger.

When an emotional breakdown requires Silas to take a leave of absence from work, Matthew rushes to his aid and teaches him the merits of frivolity. Silas is an unwilling student at first, but Matthew soon has him in the groove, which makes for one steamy, wild ride. But is this a forever sort of affair, or will Silas abandon Matthew’s wanton ways in favor of a life of serious-minded solitude?


Silas had never considered masturbation a leisurely activity as much as a necessary evil. To be fair, he didn’t dislike it. The results were pleasurable, even if the task was a bit undignified. Not to mention, he tended to sleep better afterward. Next to his fling with Matthew, though, Silas now realized that his solitary orgasms weren’t even in the same league. He honestly hadn’t known it was possible to come so hard. Thinking back on last night, which already felt like a week ago, he closed his hand around his cock and began to stroke. The actions were the same as always, but remembering Matthew’s touch, the pleasure was already more intense. He closed his eyes to better focus on the sensations. Matthew’s hands were broader than Silas’s, his fingers longer, and Silas tried to remember exactly the way he’d squeezed and tugged to drive him steadily to the edge. This felt too fast. His body was racing to orgasm at an improbable speed, his muscles tensing, and for the first time, he found himself slowing down to savor the pleasure rather than rushing to completion. Patience was not one of his gifts, least of all here, but Matthew would be the type to take his time, he could tell. They’d been rushed last night, their circumstances and fear of getting caught driving them both to desperation. If they’d have had more time, their escapade would have been much longer. Maybe there were more levels of intensity that he had yet to experience. If so, he wasn’t sure he could handle it.

A little twist at the head, right there, had him nearing completion once more. His body felt tight and hot. He was used to the physical sensations leading to climax, but imagining Matthew there taking him in hand, he felt entirely differently. Everything felt stronger and more focused. He was having trouble thinking like this, his mind going blank except for pleasure and need. So much need, dear God, so much need. What would Matthew do to him if given the chance? Silas’s other hand drifted up under his shirt, up to the marks along his collarbone and neck that were still sore to the touch, and he pressed deliberately on them to feel that sharp pain once more. He felt the contact shoot straight to his dick. A few more quick, tight tugs and he was coming, pleasure washing over him and emptying his mind.


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