Three-Way Split Cover Reveal!

It’s here, folks. The Three-Way Split cover reveal!

Not the book itself. That’s not here yet. And… not the preorder links, because those aren’t here yet, either.

But the COVER. The cover is HERE. And it’s beautiful!

Cover for Three-Way Split, with a lovely sexy woman surrounded by two sexy men, everyone clearly about to get into sexytimes together

what i love

Oh man. So, there are tons of things I love about this cover. First off, the cover models themselves look so much like how I pictured my characters. If you want the real deep-dive into my head, you can look at my Pinterest Board for Three-Way Split. Rest assured, though, that these folks are pretty darn accurate.

I also love the playfulness of the poses, especially Hannah’s expression. This book is fun, it’s sexy, it’s cozy erotic. It’s not dark and heavy. This cover captures the tone of the book so well.

The font is wonderful. I love pink, and I love the flirtiness of the script combined with the pink text.

This is such a sexy cover! I’m so excited! I can’t wait until the book itself is up for preorder, which will be happening in just a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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