GeekyKinkyChat milestone: EVEN ODDS excerpt unlocked!

Thanks for participating in #geekykinkychat so far on Twitter today! Here’s our first milestone: an excerpt from EVEN ODDS. More like a sexcerpt.

“What do you want me to do?” He met her eyes, his own sparkling with a barely contained smile.

So that’s what they were doing, then. Isabel slid down off his lap and grabbed the comforter, shoving all the bedding and sheets down, making Caleb get up in the process. She pushed the bedding onto the floor, leaving the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. There, that was clear enough, wasn’t it? She climbed to the middle of the stripped-down bed, her arousal making her bolder. She felt like they were playing some kind of game, an even give-and-take of challenging and yielding. They were two perfectly matched players who were somehow both opponents and teammates. “Take off my shirt.”

Caleb climbed fully up onto the bed and approached her on his hands and knees, like a wild animal, and Isabel felt a thrill of excitement and nerves at the sight. He took the bottom of her red tank top in one hand and tugged it up over her head, baring her body to his eyes and his touch. As soon as he’d tossed her top aside, he pushed her down on the bed, onto the piles of pillows that kept her half upright, and devoured her mouth again.

“Fuck, your breasts are fantastic,” he said, pulling back enough to look down at her body, her breasts barely contained by her plain cotton bra. “I can’t believe you were hiding these under that ugly-ass T-shirt.”

Isabel couldn’t help but laugh, shoving halfheartedly at his chest. “Come on. I keep these covered up on purpose.”

“What, to keep people from walking into walls?” Caleb nipped the upper swell of her breast, and she had a hard time answering him, her breath ragged in her own ears.

“No, to make sure people look at my face during conversations.”

She ran her fingers into his hair, fingernails brushing his scalp as he laved kisses along the edge of her bra. Caleb slid both hands behind her back and deftly unfastened the undergarment, never taking his mouth from her skin. After he drew the fabric away, he brought his hands up to brush the outside of her breasts. Even just that contact was enough to make her squirm. This felt too fantastic to be real, and she could tell she was soaking wet already. His fingertips traced right beneath her breasts, then between them, then over the top, and then down her sides again and over her stomach. He wasn’t going to just touch her like she wanted to be touched unless she asked for it, and even though it was embarrassing, it was also incredibly hot.

“Touch me . . .” Her voice came out breathy.

“I am touching you.” Leaning forward, he nipped at her earlobe. “Where do you want me to touch you?”

It was easier when she closed her eyes. “My breasts.”

EVEN ODDS is now available! 

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