Come and Play Episode 40: Muppet Fashion and Gym Class

Episode 40: Muppet Fashion and Gym Class takes us on a journey from the best Christmas Carol adaptation of all time (A Muppet Christmas Carol) all the way to the radicalization of youth online and finally ends up at Animal Crossing, with some detours into therapeutic bitching about high school gym classes and the challenge of finding joyful movement. It’s our last episode before our winter hiatus, and we hope you enjoy.

Show Notes

We’re on hiatus until the new year! Look for new episodes in February.

Resources about the truth of Thanksgiving for kids

As I looked for the books to put in these show notes, I found a post by Dr. Debbie Reese of Nambé Pueblo, who keeps the American Indians in Children’s Literature blog (linked below). Dr. Reese encourages us that rather than try to read our kids books about Thanksgiving from the perspective of the Indigenous people, we read books about other topics by those authors instead.

The Muppets

Analysis of Muppets Christmas Carol costumes

More on Muppets Christmas Carol costumes

Interview with Michael Caine about Muppets Christmas Carol

Article in tribute to the original Muppet Babies cartoon

CNN article about Gonzo-rella and Non-binary characters

Big Bird’s Covid Vaccine Draws Outrage from Republicans (NPR)


Robin Williams vs. Disney

DisneyMustPay: Authors form task force to fight missing payments

Scarlett Johansson and Disney settle lawsuit

Facebook, Youtube, and Online Radicalization

Meta Company files lawsuit against Facebook

NY Times: The Making of a Youtube Radical

BBC – How I stopped my teenager being recruited online

Military and Politics

Wired – Uncle Sam Is Looking For Recruits – Over Twitch

The Atlantic – Top Gun Is An Infomercial For America

Political Typology Quiz


GMB Fitness (I do Elements)

GMB Elements Review on Reddit (not my review)

Nerd Gym Trainer on Tiktok

Animal Crossing

Collider: 5 Best Additions in the Animal Crossing 2.0 Update

Polygon: Animal Crossing’s DLC

That’s all for this time, folks! See you after the new year.

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