Cross-Posting Attempts

WordPress and I seem to have a love/hate relationship. Let me start this out with a little background: I consider myself fairly technologically savvy. I can hand-code in HTML, I know my way around the Office suite, Photoshop and Flash, and I can FTP like the best of them. I even learned to code in Fortran-77 back in college, which would be impressive if you didn’t know I was in college in 2001.

So why, oh why, has WordPress cross-posting proved to be so difficult to master?

Maybe it’s because of the variety of options. Is it this WordPress plugin, or this one? Doesn’t an average of three-star reviews mean that a plugin is, essentially, crap? When I find the plugin I want, I feel like I’ve suddenly been asked to repair the International Space Station. Enter this code in this place, and figure out these numbers, activate this, don’t cut off life support…

This post is really just to test my new cross-posting settings and see if they work. Here’s hoping that hitting “publish” doesn’t accidentally send a satellite crashing into an urban metropolis.

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