A Special Surprise For My Readers

CARINA_0114_9781426897863_PurelyProfessionalIt’s T minus six days until the Purely Professional release day on Monday, January 13th. In honor of the upcoming excitement, I’m sharing a new excerpt. Click through for the goodies…

“So you want me to have a relationship with you?”

“No way. I don’t do relationships. I thought we could just pretend.” Bridget glanced up at him, trying to read his expression. Was he incredulous or just confused?

“Pretend a relationship?”

“Yeah. We get along okay. It wouldn’t be that hard.” She was glad she was a little drunk; it was easier to accept the fact that he didn’t seem to want to do this with her. “Besides, it might be fun to play with someone new, right? I’m fun.”

Max rubbed his chin. “I usually play with people who know what they’re getting into. I told you, it’s not fun for me to play with people who don’t enjoy it.”

“How do you know I won’t enjoy it?” she challenged. “I don’t know one way or the other.”

Max leaned in closer, his voice completely serious. “Bridget, are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into? Do you really understand?”

“I’m not…I’m not sure.” She felt less confident beneath his intense stare. He seemed to study her, to read the expression on her face, in her eyes, to look into her rather than at her. It was unnerving. When he looked away, she felt breathless like she’d been running. He tapped his fingers on his leg, thinking, his lips pursed in concentration. What was going through his mind? What were his reservations? As the silence stretched, she grew more uncomfortable. Maybe this wouldn’t work at all. Maybe this was a terrible, terrible idea. Just when she was about to apologize, to try to laugh it all off and make a graceful exit, Max turned back to her.

“For this to work, and I’m not saying it will, you would have to reveal everything to me. Tell me all your deepest, darkest fantasies. I want to know the secret things you don’t tell anyone.” He moved closer, one arm draped on the back of the sofa, the other hand moving to her knee, and she jumped. His touch felt like a smoldering coal even through the fabric of her jeans. “I’ll tease you, make you beg me for more, and then sometimes I won’t give it to you. This won’t be a game for me. I take my role very seriously. I’ll demand control of your entire sex life, and I’ll drive you completely crazy. You’ll be uncomfortable, nervous, aroused, exposed.” His hand slid up to the middle of her thigh, where he lingered, rubbing gently back and forth. “I’ll fuck you in ways you’ve never been fucked before.” He lifted one hand off the back of the sofa and cupped her jaw, his fingers just resting against the skin there as he brushed his thumb across her lower lip. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

At his touch, Bridget pressed her hands to the sofa to steady herself, and she actually had to stop herself from moaning. There seemed to be no air in the room. She’d grown wet just from the erotic huskiness of his voice, the naughty things he murmured to her, and didn’t answer at first, trying to find words. His thumb had moved off her lip and was caressing her cheek. Unable to look away from his darkened eyes, at last she whispered, “Yes. I want that. I want all that.”

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4 thoughts on “A Special Surprise For My Readers

    1. i’ll fuck you in ways you’ve never been fucked before…oh yes. oh yes.

  1. I bet there is! I love when his hand was cupping her jaw and caressing her lower lip and cheek. so fucking hot. i’m afraid of what will happen to me if i read the whole book…I don’t know how needy it’s gonna make me. It’s been a really long time since I had sex; I think about it all the time.

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