The details are all tied up… like the characters

Almost exactly one month after sharing my great news about Combustion, I have… more great news!

I’ve just signed a contract with Simon & Schuster for Playing Knotty, my next novel!

And now, the blurb for Playing Knotty:

Emma Green isn’t used to fitting in with the popular crowd: back in school, she was always a little too geeky, too chubby, too unfashionable, and now as an adult, she still feels inadequate next to her beautiful friends. When Ian Cooper, an old friend from high school, asks to rent the back room of her bookshop for a bondage workshop, she says yes because she needs the money.

Ian isn’t expecting Emma to participate in the workshop, but when his model comes down with the flu at the last minute, she’s willing to step in. They’re both surprised when she turns out to be a natural. Soon, Ian finds himself with a new bondage model… and a frequent partner in bed. Emma’s success as a bondage model means she must confront her own insecurities and her feelings for Ian, and Ian must decide if he’s willing to risk what he has for what he really wants.

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One thought on “The details are all tied up… like the characters

  1. any updates on what happens next in Playing Knotty? wondering how kinky it gets between Ian and Emma!!! 🙂

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